Be transformed at home. Catch The Fire offers many media resources that you can enjoy at home and pass on to friends who desire an encounter with God.

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Join the Catch The Fire church family from anywhere in the world!
We livestream every Sunday 11:30am meeting on our Youtube Channel or on our Facebook page.



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Watch the full Sunday meetings and mainstage sessions from our conferences here!


Catch The Fire TV

Thousands of videos at your fingertips

We are passionate about seeing lives changed by the power of God! Catch The Fire Youtube Channel is our gift to you, and is our best way of sharing what God is doing through our church. Look for live church events every weekend, and major conferences every few months.


Catch The Fire Books

Our passion is the publication of life-changing, revivalist books, in print and ebook formats. Our authors have all been touched by the hand of God as a result of the incredible revival that He began in 1994, and that has spread around the world. Visit our catchthefirebooks.com website for a full list of all of our books. 


Catch The Fire Music

Leading people into encounters with God through worship.

This group of artists have been hand picked from the hundreds of gifted and anointed worshippers throughout the Catch The Fire family around the world.

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