Angels surrounded my daughter.

My husband and three young children (13, 11 and 6) attended Revival 25 Conference. We came having a hungry for more. BUT GOD is so beyond our expectations! We are not used to any of these experiences in our church or personal history but don't think any of the manifestations are weird. I love how welcomed the Holy Spirit is in Catch The Fire and how undisturbed the church is with the seeming "chaos" and range of manifestations, but we've never had these encounters for ourselves in our church.

So I'm sharing several testimonies from our family!

1. The Holy Spirit encountered me in a powerful, beautiful baptism that lasted more than an hour at the last session's worship time! Heavy presence of God, like a blanket of electricity on my four limbs! Being drunk in the Holy Spirit (that made me think - so it's an actual 'drunken' state! LOL), singing and praising in tongues that sounded Hebrew in my ears! and dreams and dreams and visions.... if the whole reason for the encounter is to show me God's deep abiding love for me, it was enough! and yet, also, now I somehow know why people who have truly encountered God's powerful presence can say a FULL YES to anything He wants. And that's what I say with all my heart to God -- that His love for me, so deep is more than enough to cover my YES. 

2. Driving down to Maryland from Toronto, my husband got sick and it turned out to be the flu! Then early Sunday morning, I woke up from a deep sleep finding myself speaking in tongues, and suddenly bolted up in bed, loudly speaking in tongues, and my hands gripping his arms. He was sweating and all of a sudden his fever went down! 

3. Our 6-yr daughter on Jan 30 had a dream where angels surrounded her and made her go on a white horse, and gave her armour with a sword. She saw a flaming sword came down right in the middle of earth and she saw Jesus walking off a cloud. The angels led her to a beach and she saw Jesus walking on water, and she said when she woke up she could feel the presence of God. I asked her how she knew it was the presence and she said "Jesus' presence was touching her over and over again, and it was the same presence she felt at Canada, when all those people got healed." (As far as we know, she has not heard or read anything about what the book of Revelations has before this).

4. On Feb 1, she told us tonight that God was telling her, "When the presence of God comes down, the glory cloud comes down, and the sooner we get ready, the sooner it will come."

GOD IS SO GOOD! What He is showing us is rocking our world, because again, this is not how we have done life before!

-Grace I., Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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