We're excited to meet you!

Catch The Fire Airport (our main campus) is also known as the Attwell Centre,  it's where most events are held and it functions as the hub of church activity.  We'd love to have you come out for one of our weekend services or an event.  Below is all the information on how to find us, along with accommodations suggestions if you're coming a long distance.



272 Attwell Drive,
Toronto, Ontario
M9W 6M3



Our building is wheelchair accessible. Wheel-Trans also provides door-to-door accessible transit service for persons with physical disabilities using accessible buses, contracted accessible taxi minivans and sedan taxis.


As you can imagine, being located next to the airport has its advantages with so many hotel nearby.  Below are a few hotels that we have partnered with to give you the best experience while you are with us.  When booking, be sure to mention you're coming to Catch The Fire when booking your stays to get our great rates!



For friendly and convenient accommodation when visiting Catch The Fire Toronto, there are members of the Catch The Fire Church family who offer rooms and breakfast in their homes. You can contact them by phone, fax or e-mail.


Some hosts offer transport between the church and their homes, and also to and from the airport for a small fee. Please discuss the amount, as well as frequency, of daily journeys with your host when you make your reservation.


The current rates per night including breakfast for all homes are: $45 CDN for a single room $60 CDN for a double room. Full payment for your stay is due on the day of your arrival. It's preferred that you pay your host cash - please have exact change if possible. A minimum of two nights stay is required (for exceptions please talk to the hosts).


While each home is unique, all Catch The Fire Toronto hospitality homes will provide you with:   

  • Private bedroom facilities with a comfortable bed   
  • A bedside table with lamp   
  • A chair in your bedroom   
  • Clean towels available daily and clean linens provided weekly for each guest   
  • Clean and fresh bathroom and common areas serviced daily (you may have to share a bathroom with other guests and house residents but there should be no more than four people allocated to one full bathroom during your stay)   
  • A key for easy access to the home during your stay (or other arrangements)   
  • Breakfast served daily of coffee/tea, fruit juice, fresh fruit, cereal, muffins/ toast etc. (your host may wish to serve a full hot breakfast, but this is not required and your host will not charge extra for this)

List of Hospitality Homes

Keith Sproule

Distance from CTF: 22 minutes
Offer transportation: occasionally
Room availability: one double and one single / 3 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (905) 457-3767

Georgia Couvis

Distance from CTF: 23 minutes
Offer Transportation occasionally
Room availability: one double and one single/ 3 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (416) 491-2039

Mel & Susan Natagoc

Distance from CTF: 20 minutes(Continental Breakfast)
Room availability: 2 Rooms - queen size bed each room
New towel available every other day. Email: morelord143@gmail.com

Aaron & Andrea Zaretsky

Distance from CTF: 26 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability: one double and two singles / 4 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (416) 398-1774
Email: andreazaretsky@yahoo.com 

Deanna and Bob Pecherle

Distance from CTF: 27 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability: 4 queen size beds and 4 guests max
Tel: +1 (416)-892-2059
Email: deepecherle@gmail.com (Deanna) or

bpecherle@gmail.com (Bob)


Barbara Boucher 

Distance from CTF: 12 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability:  one king /2 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (416) 740-0051 or +1 (416) 567-9072
Email: worshiping-god@hotmail.com  


Distance from CTF: 18 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability: two doubles and one single / 5 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (905) 821-8257
Email: victor.pereira@sympatico.ca 

Faustin & Marina Fernando

Distance from CTF: 18 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability: one twin, one double / 3 guests maximum
Email: mfernando@catchthefire.com 


Distance from CTF: 19 minutes
Offer Transportation: no
Room Availability:  2 single rooms, one double., one king/ 4 guests maximum
Tel: +1 (416) 993-4100                                                    E-mail-joanne.p.radke@gmail.com


Distance from CTF: 15 minutes
Offer transportation: yes
Room availability: one double and two single spaces
Tel: +1 (647) 436-1193 or +1 (416) 321-5157                  E-mail:christine.vallins@gmail.comor cheryl.cheetham@gmail.com


We encourage you to give us feedback or concerns regarding your stay so please ask your host for a feedback form which can be put in the offering.  For any question please email our team who would be happy to help.

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