About Us


Catch The Fire Church in Toronto is a thriving local church
with incredible worldwide impact.

Church In Revival

We're a community of people that are passionately pursuing the presence of God every week. We're living testimonies to the kindness of God and are continually experiencing His power at work in our lives. We strive to help each person become emotionally and spiritually whole, we do this by welcoming the Holy Spirit, and partnering with what He wants to do in our lives.

Multiple Locations

First planted in 1990, this well rooted church now spans multiple campuses over the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.  The campuses each have their own thriving communities ranging from house churches to congregations of over a thousand, with every one carrying the heart and values of this church.

Global Reach

As the epicentre of an incredible revival in the nineties, this church has seen millions of international visitors walk through the doors and be transformed by the love of their Heavenly Father.  Catch The Fire is now an ever-growing international ministry with over twenty churches in key cities around the world, schools and colleges, missions and prominent media ministries reaching every corner of the globe.


We are a very diverse family, with people from all over the world.  Two-thirds of those that attend our campuses were not born in Canada and represent over one hundred nations.  Each of our campuses has a slightly different flavour that makes them unique and in every congregation you'll get a taste of the ethnic diversity of this incredible city.

Incredible History

In January of 1994, this little church of 360 regular members met on the end of a runway at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  It quickly came to the world's attention as a place where God chose to meet with His people as the Holy Spirit poured out in unprecidented ways.  As a result of this divine visitation, the members of what was at that time the Toronto Airport Vineyard were thrust into ministry to thousands of people worldwide.  What was originally planned as a series of four meetings exploded into a marathon of nightly services which continued for over a decade.

The revival came to be known as the Toronto Blessing, with prolific media coverage all around the world.  Within the first two years alone almost one million guests had come through the doors of the church from virtually every country and denomination.  Tens of thousands of people made a first time commitment to Christ and church membership has increased exponentially.

The original 425-seat facility became overextended by the summer of 1994. Waiting lines formed at five o'clock outside the doors, which opened at seven. In November 1994, a former conference centre on Attwell Drive became available for rent and later became the permanent home of Catch The Fire.

The effects of the Toronto Blessing quickly became international in scope. Within a year of the outpouring, an estimated four thousand churches representing main denominations in the United Kingdom were touched by the renewal and were holding their own nightly meetings.  The Toronto Blessing has spread, not only to England, but to hundreds of nations around the world and the global impact has become immeasurable.

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John & Carol Arnott
Founding Pastors

Steve & Sandra Long
Senior Leaders

Our Father is amazing!

For over 20 years now we have been discovering more of the Father's love. As we have sought to know Father, He has revealed Himself to be our perfect Father. As we have taken time to rest in His presence, He has refreshed us and poured out more of His powerful Holy Spirit. As His Spirit is released in us and on us, we become carriers of the anointing. As carriers we get to see people transformed just like Jesus did!

You too can experience the fullness of God's love, the power of His Holy Spirit and His healing in your life. At Catch The Fire Toronto we want to help you and equip you to receive everything He has for you. We are a Partners In Harvest church with an ongoing program of schools, conferences, small groups and much more. As you get filled with His love you will see God touch those around you. If you've visited us before in person or via our Catch the Fire | TV, you'll know just what an awesome time we have, so come back for more! If this is your first contact with us, then come visit or watch us online; and let God change your life!

In the Father's love,

John & Carol Arnott        Steve & Sandra Long


Our Values

Catch The Fire has three unique values that are threaded through all our churches and ministries.

Our core values are the underlying principles that guide us in making decisions, determining priorities, setting goals, allocating resources and carrying out programs. They are the defining characteristics of Catch The Fire and are drawn from biblical teachings.



Intentionally hosting and experiencing the Glory of God, becoming immersed in the fire of His love.

Hosting God’s Presence

Worshipping God Passionately

Living in Friendship with God

Passionately Persevering in Prayer and Faith

Loving Local Church

Having Fun


Pursuing the invitation to know God face to face, being impacted by His extravagant love.

Encountering God

Living in the Father’s Love

Being one with Christ Jesus

Ministering in the Holy Spirit

Honouring the Word and the Spirit


The evident change that comes from living a lifestyle of encountering the loving presence of God.

Manifesting God’s Kingdom

Facilitating Salvations

Pursuing Heart Healing

Being Vulnerable and Authentic

Living Generously

Raising the Next Generation

Serving the Poor and Oppressed


Our Mission

Encounter God’s transforming Presence

Our Services

What to expect when you pay us a visit.

Each service lasts about 90 minutes

Each service lasts about 90 minutes

There is no dress code - people wear shorts and suits, sneakers and high heels

There is no dress code - people wear shorts and suits, sneakers and high heels

Ministry times including prayer for the sick, for the broken-hearted, blessings and encouragement

Ministry times including prayer for the sick, for the broken-hearted, blessings and encouragement

There's an atmosphere of love

There's an atmosphere of love

Awesome live worship music at every service, the lyrics will be on screens so you can sing along

Awesome live worship music at every service, the lyrics will be on screens so you can sing along

Fun, life-changing teaching and equipping for your kids and youth

Fun, life-changing teaching and equipping for your kids and youth

People are from all walks of life

People are from all walks of life

Thought-provoking messages packed full of biblical truth and real-life examples

Thought-provoking messages packed full of biblical truth and real-life examples

Last but not least: the presence of the  Holy Spirit !

Last but not least: the presence of the Holy Spirit!

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What We Believe


We believe there is one God who lives forever in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe that the Bible is God's Word to the world, speaking to us with authority and without error.

We believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ the Son, His virgin birth, His sinless life, His miracles, His death for us on the cross, His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the Father, and His personal, physical return to rule the earth in power and love.

We believe that all mankind is lost in sin and need to turn from it and trust personally in the Savior, Jesus Christ. All need to be born anew by the Holy Spirit's power into God's family.

We believe the Holy Spirit lives in us as believers and brings love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control into our lives. He gives us spiritual gifts including speaking of tongues, prophesying, and healing among others.

We believe in the resurrection of every person; to eternal life for the believer and eternal judgment for the lost.

We believe in unity for all believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and seek community together: we want to become more like Him in every way, who is the head of His body, the Church. We are called to love Him and one another and are enabled to do this only as His life flows through us.

We believe the Scriptures teach that marriage is the covenanting together of one man and one woman in a union to the exclusion of all others. This union is established by an authorised ceremony under God. Marriage is a unique reflection of God’s faithful love for all humankind. The relationship of husband and wife, as family, reflects the covenanting self-giving love between Christ and His Bride, the Church. The pledge of mutual faithfulness is not tentative or conditional. The permanent nature of the marriage bond gives security and promotes the development of a trusting relationship. The Church has a responsibility to care for, nurture and prayerfully support the marriage relationship and the children of the union.

Relationship With The Catholic Church

Catch The Fire leadership has felt prompted and led by the Holy Spirit to pursue dialogue, friendship and greater mutual understanding of the Roman Catholic church and their respective leaders, in accordance with the final prayer of Jesus in John 17.

Read more about our relationship with the Catholic Church.

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