I have the same authority over my own healing.

For the past 18 months I have been declaring John 14:12-14 as I pray for healings for others. I feel the Spirit has told me to follow Jesus’ example and ask what they would have Him do and then declare that in His name. I would not do exhausting and exhaustive prayers. Jus T-short simple, “In Jesus’ name I release healing and bind the problem, commanding it to leave.”

I have had a twinge in my left shoulder for several years that hurt whenever I tried to lift my left arm to do something as simple as getting milk out of the refrigerator. I couldn’t think of lifting me left arm over my head to praise God.

After listening to Randy Clark (the 4th time in three weeks) I decided that I have the same authority over my own afflictions and healing. So I prayed that simple prayer, “In Jesus’ name I command this pain to leave. In Jesus’ name I release healing.”

I did not think anything about it until Wednesday night when I just raised my arms during worship and suddenly realized there was no pain, it was gone!! I have not had any pain since. All praise to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

-Robert B., Jan 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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