Ease and freedom that I've never experienced before.

I attended the Revival 25 conference in January, and I was blessed by it in ways that I haven't fully processed yet. Each session was powerful, and I could feel a sort of cumulative effect building as the conference progressed.

During worship on the final night of the conference, my prayer language changed. I had prayed in this new language on one or two occasions previously, for just a few minutes. However, this time it was different. The change seemed to be permanent, as if something had shifted and there was no going back. Since then I have had the delightful experience of going through the process of learning this new language, bit by bit - an experience I've not had since I first learned to speak in tongues.

In addition to that, I had another breakthrough that I don't fully understand. As I've gotten better and better at receiving over the years, I have enjoyed fire tunnels more and more. However, they have been something of an ordeal for me at the same time. I would love the feelings of joy and the presence of God that I would experience while going through them, but I would also experience a tensing up as I went through them, as though my body was exerting itself to withstand an ordeal. I would leave the fire tunnel laughing and enjoying God's presence, but also feeling a bit like I'd been through the wringer.

That was my experience after the last session of the conference on Friday night, when I went through fire tunnels at least two times. I knew it was good, but it was also tiring. I was reflecting on this while soaking near the exit of a fire tunnel. However, sometime between them and Sunday morning, something changed.

After the 11:30 am church service, there were fire tunnels again, but this time it was completely different. When I went through them, there was a feeling of ease and freedom that I'd never experienced before. I felt an easy joy fill me as I went through them, with none of the tensing up that I used to experience. It was just light, clean and free. So I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I believe that I was delivered of something that I've been unable to get a grip on or understand for several years now. It is a marvellous feeling, and I believe that it was my experiences at the Revival 25 conference that paved the way for it to happen.

This is very precious to me, and I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make the conference possible, as well as everyone ministering in the fire tunnels on Sunday afternoon. I went through three times, and it was wonderful! Keep up the great work, everyone, and may God continue to bless this church and ministry for decades to come!

- Dave, Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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