Thank you the Prophetic Team.

A wonderful friend invited me to go to Toronto for the weekend to visit the church. We would have no agenda except to see what God was up to there.  He had been watching Heidi Bakers testimony and said I want to go next weekend.  No problem right?  Yes, problem. We live in Oregon, .USA.  I didn’t think it would be possible but with a little work on my end and a lot of help from my friend, we made it. 

We did not know the deliverance sessions were happening but when we found out we planned on attending.  That had many blessings in itself. 

I want to thank the prophetic prayer team from Sunday. We heard we could sign up so we did. I almost didn’t.  I felt as if I already had plenty of work to do with the words from my past. I’m so thankful I did. 
Walter and Van gave me 7 minutes of affirming, prophetic encouragement and blessing that I was not expecting.  They said things about my current circumstances and what God was doing, which were true. They said I had come a long ways, which was true naturally and spiritually.  They talked about where I had been and where I was going which is true.  Amazing.

But a few things they said were almost direct quotes from a word spoken over my wife and I in 2001.  A few weeks before I had been asking the Lord if I was still that guy he spoke over back then. In 2001 he said there was no guile in us. Who uses that word? Apparently God does because Walter said there is just no guile in you. 

In 2001 God said, Your future is so bright I would have to wear shades.  Thats a line from an 80’s song.  Your team also said You have a bright future. Wow. Two words from the past almost exactly the same.  And right after I had just asked God if that was still me. They changed me.  They made me a little more confident. I am closer to breaking out of the cycle they saw I was in. Thank you and Blessings. Please pass this on if possible to your team of prophetic people. They are doing great work. There is more I could say but I think you get the picture. 

Dean Yoder
Mcminnville, Oregon

Every form of bondage, addiction and sickness fell off me

I came to know the Lord in October 2003. I was baptized by submersion and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit within one year of becoming a member at my church in Ottawa. Prior to my being saved, I lived a very difficult life which included sexual abuse, from age 4 to 16. I grew up in an alcoholic family and ran away from home at 16. I married very young, to an abusive man and ended up alone to raise my 13 month old son. I gravitated to anything that might help me find freedom from all the demons that had plagued me for too much of my life. I had many relationships - hoping to find love somewhere - anywhere. I tried drugs and alcohol to take the edge of the emotional pain. I became anorexic and later bulimic in order to maintain some control over my life. I was filled with unforgiveness and anger (even though I was constantly trying to forgive).

Even after giving my heart to the Lord and going through deliverance ministry 3 times for healing nothing took. I was desperate. How can someone who so loves Jesus want to die? Someone with wonderful children, wonderful friends and a Saviour who gave His all for me. I was asked by a friend if I wanted to go to a Catch the Fire conference. I agreed. Every single session I kept begging God - please Lord - please don't reject my request. So many people were claiming healings over the first three days. I kept wondering - what have I done? Why not me? One the last day, through a stream of tears I reminded God that this was the last day and I would wrestle with him as Jacob did until He blessed me. God's timing is always on time - never late. 

I ended up sitting beside Neil Taylor and his wife, Svetlana. Neil began to pray for me. He began calling various demons spirits to come out from me. Throughout the three sessions of that last day - Neil must have prayed for me a dozen times for various reasons. I could feel every form of bondage, addiction and sickness falling off me. By 2pm on Friday - I was completely healed as I have never been before. I have not even had any pain or sickness from the Lupus disease I was diagnosed with several years ago. 

I had been expecting that I would maybe be healed through one of the guest speakers or maybe from someone on the ministry team - God moves in mysterious ways. All I can say is that I have been loosed! I am free. I am free to minister to others as was done for me. God is surely good.

-Hope D., attended Revival 25 Conference, February 2019

Serving the Lord in Mozambique for 20 years. 

Ros and I are loving watching the celebrations of 25 years of Renewal. We were sorry not to be able to be there. The Renewal changed our lives forever.

We were in Toronto 1995 and 1996 for work as a school teacher. TACF became our home church. Our lives were turned upside down during that year. Both our children received the Lord and we fell in love with the Father all over again.

In 1996 we heard Heidi Baker share what God was doing on the streets of Mozambique. God spoke to our hearts. When God speaks, do something about it.

We did. We visited Mozambique and moved there full time in 2000. We have now been serving the Lord there 20 years. 

There is nothing better than being where God wants you to be.
We are the fruit of the Renewal - ordinary people with an extraordinary God.
We still visit Toronto every year - most often sit in row number 48 and love remembering and thanking God for all He has done in and through us through this amazing move of God.

Thank you John, Carol and all those who have carried this everlasting message since 1994.

Steve & Ros Lazar


She could breath normally for the first time in years. 

This is my wife Sherri's testimony, who could not be here this time.

In 1996 we came in January to the Pastors meeting with our pastor who had invited us. My wife was a very bad asthmatic on steroids. Each eve I had to warm up the vehicle after the meeting and pick her up at the door due to the cold. On Thursday evening the speaker called for those with life threatening issues to come forward. She reluctantly agreed and went. While there she was first prayed for by a lady who seemed disappointed she only had asthma. Sher was disappointed that no healing occurred. Then as she was about to go back to her chair, a woman she had been noticing all evening who had a remarkable sweater on, stood behind her and said "you didn’t receive your healing did you? Do you mind if I pray for you?"

Then she prayed and began to dance and sing all around Sher as she lay on the floor. When Sher opened her eyes later, she could breath normally for the first time in years. 

Days later, we were watching the video of that meeting that we had purchased, and Sher suddenly said "Dave she is not there! The woman I watched all evening because of her sweater was sitting right there, but look, she isn’t on the video". We are convinced that she was an angel.

Thank you for your ministry and the impact it has had on the world!

-Pastor Dave Hood, Jan 2019

I knew I had found my way back home.

I spent the years between 1974 and 1987 passionately committed to Jesus Christ through a ministry that He had led me to in a powerful and miraculous way as part of the Jesus Movement of the 1970's.  I spent four of those years involved in a four year leadership training program and the other years leading my fellow believers in the cities of Chicago and Washington, D. C. as well as in a small city in Ohio. During this time I saw the Lord work powerfully to win new souls to Himself, to heal the sick and to work mighty miracles.  I also worked at the headquarters of this ministry developing correspondence courses for others to study the scriptures at home.  I spent hours every day learning and sharing the books of Romans, Ephesians, Thessalonians and the Book of Acts.  This was my life and I loved it.

Then an "earthquake" hit my world.  Slowly the ministry I had served the Lord through began to deteriorate due to exposed sexual sin among the top leaders as well as doctrinal error that had crept in.  The aftershocks rocked my world and eventually I felt I had to separate myself from this ministry in order to be true to my calling from God. 

I returned to my hometown and began the process of rebuilding my life.  I never for a moment lost my faith in God as my Heavenly Father or in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, but I had a great deal of trouble finding a community of believers to be a part of.  I tried many different churches only to discover that there was no power, no Holy Spirit, no understanding of the things I had learned that had been so transformative to my life.  I became spiritually "homeless."  

 As the years passed, the Lord continued to work in my heart to teach me the Scriptures and to deeply heal me of the lies that had lodged in my heart and hindered me from the fullness of what God wanted for me.  I read many books that powerfully impacted my life and formed relationships with many people, all of whom enriched my life in so many ways.  But still, I felt there was something vital that was missing.

Then, I heard about a church in Toronto.  I arranged to attend a conference and the moment I walked into the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship building, I knew I had found my way back home.  It seemed as though Jesus met me at the door and began to work so powerfully in my heart to bring me into an incredible level of intimacy with him and our Father.  My relationship with my Father and my Lord was taken to a whole new level.  Love filled my life again and I began to hunger for even more.  Mostly, I wanted to be able to serve again; to minister to others out of the abundance I had been given.  

But the devil harassed me with lies that said I was too old; that I had wasted the best years of my life; that there was no place for me in ministry.  His lies broke my heart but the best I could do was struggle against them because they seemed so true in so many ways. 

BUT -- once again my Father came to my rescue.  Earlier this week, as I was reading Bill Johnson's book, "God is Good," I stopped reading and began to pray.  My prayer was a simple one, "Father, show me your goodness."  Suddenly, He spoke, saying that it was His intention "to redeem the years of my life that I felt had been lost."  He told me that it was His intention to "work all things together for good" and to "accomplish His purposes for my life."  He said that He "planned to completely redeem the years."  I stood before Him in awe struggling to believe that He could love me so much that He would be willing to do something so mighty for me.  I wondered at how it could be done.  I remember standing there looking at Him in my mind's eye and saying, "Look what you're doing for me," over and over again.  Then a gratitude of great proportions welled up in my heart and I began to thank Him.

I don't know the details of what my Father intends to do but I have no doubt that He will do it in an exceedingly abundant way.  In fact I am realizing now that He started this great act of redemption long before this encounter.  Indeed, He has never left me, He has never forgotten me, He has never stopped working for me and in me.  He is a very GOOD Father indeed.

More recently, as I was deep in His Presence in worship, I had a vision of Jesus walking up to me with a present for me in His hands.  He gave it to me as though it were my birthday. I opened it excitedly and looked inside. There, in the box, was my gift – the box was full of “opportunities.”  I knew in that moment that they were opportunities to minister to others according to God’s plans and purposes. And yes, ever since then my life has been filled with people to minister to and opportunities to share what I have so graciously been given.  Thank you, my gracious and loving Heavenly Father and my wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Your goodness and generosity to me is incomprehensible at times but ever so welcome in my life.

Mary L., Jan 2019

I have the same authority over my own healing.

For the past 18 months I have been declaring John 14:12-14 as I pray for healings for others. I feel the Spirit has told me to follow Jesus’ example and ask what they would have Him do and then declare that in His name. I would not do exhausting and exhaustive prayers. Jus T-short simple, “In Jesus’ name I release healing and bind the problem, commanding it to leave.”

I have had a twinge in my left shoulder for several years that hurt whenever I tried to lift my left arm to do something as simple as getting milk out of the refrigerator. I couldn’t think of lifting me left arm over my head to praise God.

After listening to Randy Clark (the 4th time in three weeks) I decided that I have the same authority over my own afflictions and healing. So I prayed that simple prayer, “In Jesus’ name I command this pain to leave. In Jesus’ name I release healing.”

I did not think anything about it until Wednesday night when I just raised my arms during worship and suddenly realized there was no pain, it was gone!! I have not had any pain since. All praise to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

-Robert B., Jan 2019

Angels surrounded my daughter.

My husband and three young children (13, 11 and 6) attended Revival 25 Conference. We came having a hungry for more. BUT GOD is so beyond our expectations! We are not used to any of these experiences in our church or personal history but don't think any of the manifestations are weird. I love how welcomed the Holy Spirit is in Catch The Fire and how undisturbed the church is with the seeming "chaos" and range of manifestations, but we've never had these encounters for ourselves in our church.

So I'm sharing several testimonies from our family!

1. The Holy Spirit encountered me in a powerful, beautiful baptism that lasted more than an hour at the last session's worship time! Heavy presence of God, like a blanket of electricity on my four limbs! Being drunk in the Holy Spirit (that made me think - so it's an actual 'drunken' state! LOL), singing and praising in tongues that sounded Hebrew in my ears! and dreams and dreams and visions.... if the whole reason for the encounter is to show me God's deep abiding love for me, it was enough! and yet, also, now I somehow know why people who have truly encountered God's powerful presence can say a FULL YES to anything He wants. And that's what I say with all my heart to God -- that His love for me, so deep is more than enough to cover my YES. 

2. Driving down to Maryland from Toronto, my husband got sick and it turned out to be the flu! Then early Sunday morning, I woke up from a deep sleep finding myself speaking in tongues, and suddenly bolted up in bed, loudly speaking in tongues, and my hands gripping his arms. He was sweating and all of a sudden his fever went down! 

3. Our 6-yr daughter on Jan 30 had a dream where angels surrounded her and made her go on a white horse, and gave her armour with a sword. She saw a flaming sword came down right in the middle of earth and she saw Jesus walking off a cloud. The angels led her to a beach and she saw Jesus walking on water, and she said when she woke up she could feel the presence of God. I asked her how she knew it was the presence and she said "Jesus' presence was touching her over and over again, and it was the same presence she felt at Canada, when all those people got healed." (As far as we know, she has not heard or read anything about what the book of Revelations has before this).

4. On Feb 1, she told us tonight that God was telling her, "When the presence of God comes down, the glory cloud comes down, and the sooner we get ready, the sooner it will come."

GOD IS SO GOOD! What He is showing us is rocking our world, because again, this is not how we have done life before!

-Grace I., Feb 2019

Ease and freedom that I've never experienced before.

I attended the Revival 25 conference in January, and I was blessed by it in ways that I haven't fully processed yet. Each session was powerful, and I could feel a sort of cumulative effect building as the conference progressed.

During worship on the final night of the conference, my prayer language changed. I had prayed in this new language on one or two occasions previously, for just a few minutes. However, this time it was different. The change seemed to be permanent, as if something had shifted and there was no going back. Since then I have had the delightful experience of going through the process of learning this new language, bit by bit - an experience I've not had since I first learned to speak in tongues.

In addition to that, I had another breakthrough that I don't fully understand. As I've gotten better and better at receiving over the years, I have enjoyed fire tunnels more and more. However, they have been something of an ordeal for me at the same time. I would love the feelings of joy and the presence of God that I would experience while going through them, but I would also experience a tensing up as I went through them, as though my body was exerting itself to withstand an ordeal. I would leave the fire tunnel laughing and enjoying God's presence, but also feeling a bit like I'd been through the wringer.

That was my experience after the last session of the conference on Friday night, when I went through fire tunnels at least two times. I knew it was good, but it was also tiring. I was reflecting on this while soaking near the exit of a fire tunnel. However, sometime between them and Sunday morning, something changed.

After the 11:30 am church service, there were fire tunnels again, but this time it was completely different. When I went through them, there was a feeling of ease and freedom that I'd never experienced before. I felt an easy joy fill me as I went through them, with none of the tensing up that I used to experience. It was just light, clean and free. So I'm not sure when or how it happened, but I believe that I was delivered of something that I've been unable to get a grip on or understand for several years now. It is a marvellous feeling, and I believe that it was my experiences at the Revival 25 conference that paved the way for it to happen.

This is very precious to me, and I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make the conference possible, as well as everyone ministering in the fire tunnels on Sunday afternoon. I went through three times, and it was wonderful! Keep up the great work, everyone, and may God continue to bless this church and ministry for decades to come!

- Dave, Feb 2019

God did not forget me.

God healed me of disappointment during the Revival 25 conference. I went through a season of immense disappointment about 7 years back, and some of the issues from that resurfaced in the weeks before the conference and during the conference as well. During some of the worship times during the conference, I said to God, "it feels like you have forgotten me".

On the last night of the conference, Banning spoke about his last time at Catch The Fire, which was at the Freshwind conference 8-9 years ago. I was there that day at Freshwind when he shared the vision he had of Jesus marking people in the room with a big R on their chest, which stood for "revivalist". At that Freshwind 8 years ago or so, I cried out to God with all my heart to mark me too - to not pass me by, but to make me a Revivalist too. It is a moment I can honestly say I had not thought about in 8 years.

As Banning began to share about Hannah, and how God remembered her, I felt Him say to me, "See, I remember that night, even if you have forgotten; I remember you; I have not forgotten." It was a powerful moment for me. Thank you for all the work all of you did to put on this enormous undertaking of an event; I am always amazed at how God manages to meet everyone right where they are, with exactly what we need. Thank you for being a part of that.

-Submitted Anonymously, Feb 2019

Healing of Osteoporosis

I am a 17 year, stage-3, breast cancer survivor, so I know that God's promise to heal us of all our diseases is true. Because of a petite frame, strong chemo drugs and a broken heart, I also developed osteoporosis and fractured a vertebrae two years ago. Doctors and friends strongly advised me to take drugs (which I didn't believe would be of benefit). I chose to believe God for the impossible - waiting, praying and declaring strength to my bones.

I'm not sure if it was the last afternoon session when someone called specifically to those with conditions that had no hope through man, unless the Lord did something they would be lost to their illness. She added that it was too much for your small body (or something like that). I felt the words were specific to me. I had my list for the conference including that God would give me" the stamp of approval" - that my bones were healed.

I was touched by the Holy Spirit as He seemed to go through my body and the catcher was ready behind me. This went on for awhile. Then all of a sudden I face planted and was wedged between two people ahead of me, the catcher was long gone. While I don't have proof, I do believe that I am healed and that my bones will be renewed each day forward. I'm asking the Lord when I should get a Bone Density check to verify.

One of your ministry team prayed for me at an earlier session, he said, "You will have an amazing testimony." and "God is healing your broken heart." I had originally been to the Toronto Blessing in '94, so it was profound to be at this conference where God touched me in many other ways.

-Kathy W., Revival 25 Conference Attendee, Feb 2019

Taking the Fire to Austria

Thank You so much for hosting this conference. My name is Peter and together with my wife Conny I pastor a church close to Vienna (Austria/Europe). Together with my best friend Gottfried and three other guys I flew to the conference to Toronto. My wife stayed at home and preached at our church. This was my first time in North America at all but man was it worth the trip. I came with a lot of expectations but the LORD exceeded them (as usual). There is such a spirit of excellence in your ministry and such a strong focus both on the word and the spirit.

The people on staff worked with such a humble heart and the the prayer team was anointed, very helpful and experienced in the things of God. Such a variety of strong speakers and great messages - the schedule was very well chosen and there were so many possibilities to react on prayer invitations.

I personally have received so much - at all sessions, but during the panel of Heidi Baker & Carol Arnott the Lord really got me :) I started out with sitting on the floor on the aisle close to the stage, but after I while the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong on me, that I had to lay down (still shaking when I think about it). Not easy to put in words, but something great happened inside of me, like he crushed me totally and built me up again. Hours later I was still wrecked ;-)

On Friday after the last session my friend Pastor Gottfried and I went close to the stage and started talking to Steve Webb (Worship CTF London) and after chatting he started to prophecy over us. We have recorded this over 7 Minute prophecy - even though I went to the floor for a moment :-).

Such strong and encouraging words. 

After I landed in Vienna on Sunday around lunch time I drove directly to church - my wife told our church people that even though I will not be in time for the service I still will come around 01 p.m. to give testimony and to lay hands on people. 

A third of our church people stayed and I gave a word (about fire), gave testimony, played the prophecy over our sound system and then laid hands and gave further what I have received. It was an atmosphere filled with expectation and faith and anointing in the air.

I did the same also on Wednesday at our weekly worship evening and also this Sunday for those that have not been here the Sunday before. 

Last but surely not least: I LOVE THE CTF WORSHIP - amazing - since I left Canada I have definitely listened to the "PRESENCE" Album on Spotify. I also shared it on all possible social media platforms. Yesterday we "imported" the first song in our church set list "I live to worship You". 

I am excited to see what the Lord will do in and through us in Austria the coming weeks and months.


Thank You so much again and blessings from Austria,
Peter Kloiber
Revival 25 Conference, Feb 2019

She had no pain in her hips

In October 2018 our daughter and son in law were in a car accident. Our daughter had 5 fractures, one being a compound fracture in her legs. After surgery she had a lot of metal in her legs. Both ankles, one thigh and one shin were broken in the accident. The Lord has done amazing miracles throughout the process of her healing and one that we have been standing for was that the metal would leave her body. Six months ago we found out about the 25 year anniversary of the Toronto blessing so my husband and I bought tickets for all of us to attend.

The very first night we came expecting. One major consequence of the accident was pain from the metal in cold temperatures. All the way to the conference she was in pain because of the cold. The first night she stood for healing and throughout the week began to notice that the pain in her legs due to the cold no longer existed! It was the coldest weather that week then we have experienced in our part of the country in 25 years and she had no pain.

The next week in returning to work, despite all the walking her hips had no pain! We praise God as we continue to stand for full recovery, as if the accident never happened. We are believing that the metal either disappear completely or turn to bone!

Thank you so much for hosting the presence of the Lord so that our family could receive His goodness. 

- Pastor Oz and Jane Ozmun, The River Church, Auburn Hills, MI

I am telling everyone my testimony!

My sister and I drove to Catch the Fire Toronto without tickets [to Revival 25 Conference] because we knew God would provide them and we felt compelled to go.  Everyone said they were sold out and that we would never get tickets, but you know that story!  Thank you, Jesus!  First miracle. 

Tuesday night, my sister, Sue and I got into the very long line for prayer by the stage.  I saw Bill Johnson up there so we wiggled our way to the front but when I got there I didn’t see Bill but rather Heidi Baker!  I had asked God, earlier, to have Heidi pray for my ears since I wore hearing aids.  I waited for her to finish praying for some people, and stepped toward her, she look up and I was speechless.  All I could say was, “Heidi, ears!”  She knew what I meant and told me to get on the floor.  She prayed for my ears, “that I would hear the birds sing, and the frogs croak,”  they opened.  I took off my hearing aids and haven’t put them on since!  Alleluia!  Second miracle. 

Wednesday morning, John and Carol Arnott were on the stage praying for healings, they asked us to wave our hands if we had more healings which I knew my shoulder pain was gone and my ears more opened.  So, I waved my hands with 3,000 people around me.  However, I felt a spotlight from Heaven, so it caught John and Carol’s eyes.  They called me on stage and Carol prayed for my ears, proclaimed they were healed and I fell back on stage.  I sobbed and sobbed and had a lovely woman praying for me.  A nice man escorted me off stage after a while, where this woman continued to pray for me.  I could feel the Holy Spirit going down deep into my gut, it felt like surgery.  I sobbed and sobbed.  Amazing.  Third miracle.

I have always said that God is a God of surprises and He certainly is!  For 46 years I have had reproductive system issues  but it was not even anything I was thinking about our asking healing for.  It just wasn’t on my mind, I was so used to it.  It was on the Father’s mind though.  Even, when you Lillian, called us up I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular.  I was so glad He had healed my ears!  But, about 3 minutes into the healing prayer, I fell backwards.  Then electricity hit my entire body but particularly my hands and pelvic area.  I could see the white electricity in every finger and my hands were shaking and I’ve never seen nor felt anything like that in my life!  I couldn’t open my eyes and I was incapacitated.  I heard a woman praying for me.  She said, Jesus was healing me, that I had persevered like the woman with the issue of blood and that He was healing me.  She said Jesus said He died to heal me.  Then Jesus said, “Daughter pick up your mat and walk.”  The electricity left and I got up, a completely new person.  My body feels brand new! 

On our way to Toronto we had many prophetic words, that we would not return the same, that we had only had a glimpse of His glory, and  that He would restore our family 100 fold.

There were also wonderful manifestations of the Spirit that I had never experienced.  Great laughter, peace and joy; one worship song I sang with an Aussie accent; I saw diamonds all in my hair, the falling down, heat and jerking body and many things I saw in the Spirit.  I loved the Fire Tunnel and felt like a child again!

So, I came home and am telling everyone my testimony!  Last night, I told my testimony to a small group at a worship night and before I went up I heard the Lord say, “I am commissioning you tonight!”  Two young women came up to me afterwards and said, “God is going to send me to the States, Europe and INDIA to tell my story.  That I am to release the healing of ears and reproductive systems.  That I am a nurturing mother and that I will show the tangible LOVE of the FATHER to children.”  The amazing thing is that when I was younger I said I’d never go to India, however, my heart has changed and God has been speaking to me specifically about INDIA.  So, when they mentioned India, I felt the Spirit very strongly. 


- Mary A., Revival 25 Conference Attendee, Feb 2019

Inner Healing Through Worship

I was married and very much in love, then my now late husband sadly passed away due to illness in 2016. I was totally broken, was not eating, I even had suicidal thoughts. Then I got my first breakthrough whilst listening to worship. Whilst I was listening to worship by Bethel Music the drums seem to break some of the walls I had put up around my heart between me and God!! I was astonished!!

I knew my heart was seriously hardened due to it being so broken but I had no idea if I would be able to open it again to God..until that day. It was like I now had a glimmer of hope through realizing how powerful worship could be! Then around a month or so later while in my bedroom I pushed myself to worship God! I had been a worship leader for years before but with the pain I struggled to sing until this time.

Whilst in worship God began to gently guide me to give him a little more of my heart as I sung so I very cautiously did singing out freer and freer until we got to a point where I was singing just how he told me to it was something I had never experienced before then he reached into my heart and took a bit of the pain I was feeling that day! A total miracle instant inner healing through worship I was in shock!

I never knew this level of emotional healing was possible just in my bedroom while I had this encounter with God! I had never heard testimonies like this before!!! But he did it for me! It was incredible! My hope and faith jumped! The other crazy thing was God showed me what he did spiritually as he did it. I saw the pain deep out of my heart like smoke! And I felt so much better after!!

My revelation of what is possible through worship has forever changed! Now I live to share worship encouraging everyone I can that miracles are possible in worship that it’s not just about music! It’s about the fact that we encounter God! And when we do that anything is possible! It changed my life, restored joy from brokenness in a supernaturally quick time! All Glory to God!

- Nikki G., Feb 2019

Revival Conference was life changing for me.

While at the conference, I saw Jesus twice. 

The first time, I saw Jesus walking through the people in front of the stage and then He walked through the aisle to come in front of where I was standing. His presence was so powerful and overwhelming that I couldn’t stop crying. After few minutes I started to feel a gentle touch on the palm of my right hand then wrist. It was amazing!

The second time was during the worship time. I was in front of the stage with my eyes closed and I decided to touch the stage. In that moment everything turn black and immediately I saw Jesus in the right side coming down in between the speaker and the screen. He had a white robe and He was so bright, with light that was going through Him. I have never seen anything that bright in my life. It was so beautiful to see Him and my heart felt like it was going to explode. I was crying so hard and I kneeled immediately in respect. Then suddenly the stage disappeared and I saw a huge wave of water coming over us. (I was holding onto the stage and) the sound of the wave was so powerfully strong. I heard people all around praising him in one voice, united as the body of Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit over us. It was so real and such a unique experience. It was beautiful and I feel so blessed to have been there.

Also, while on the carpet at the back of the church, I felt God healing everything inside of me. My face was on the floor, crying like a little girl and I didn’t want to get up because I could feel his presence. I experienced emotional healing and I felt like I was crying in God’s lap and he was comforting me as a father.
His presence was so strong all the time and that helped to change my heart. 

The Holy Spirit touched me many times. I have never cried or laughed so much in my life. He definitely filled my life with joy. 

After the conference I received healing for my knees that I had injured months before. They were not okay while I was at the conference but after the conference they started to feel better and I was able to walk a lot without any problem.

- Catalina H., Revival 25 Conference, February 2019

I Got Totally Free From This Orphan Spirit

I came from the UK to conference last week, it was all very out of the blue and I suddenly found myself in a line registering. 

I came with expectation, God had already highlighted some things I needed delivering from so I felt I was in good shape to come and get filled after some awesome revelations. 

For me it started the day before conference, spending time with some very godly awesome women who were also attending. I knew in my spirit that there was a deeper work to be done and feeling a little apprehensive / vulnerable I made the decision I would be 'all in' whatever that meant.

I realised quickly I was pretty reserved and on tuesday night, after receiving a word in the queue to get in!!!! I knew I was actually pretty spiritually dehydrated and I needed some serious soaking and further revelation.

It didn't take long and the layers started to come off, there's too much detail to write here but essentially words spoken by strangers in the prayer lines, people sitting close by and by friends I knew all had a similar theme. 

Words were Breakthrough, seasons of change, a shift, about God's father heart love for me and that he hasn't forgotten me or his promises to me. It was incredible. 

I listened to Heidi's message and as she spoke about an orphan spirit and soaked it in, seeing myself in her story. Although at this point, the lightning bolt didn't come. The revelation came when I was standing at the front when bethel were leading and as we sang 'I am a child of God' I could feel bubbling in me. Its like the room when quiet and I was the only one in the room, I suddenly realised I had an orphan spirit. I had dealt with some things already but this one was hiding and in that moment, I realised although not a physical orphan, many of my emotions and behaviours were like one. My expectations were low, my disappointments were high, my self esteem was better but has had many highs and lows... It was so obvious, this was the root. So as I worshipped I thanked God for the revelation of his father heart love for me and I felt a huge release. 

Sunday then came and I was flying home that evening. As I stood in line for prayer similar words were spoken over me again and more was released... It was coming out. 

Then, across the room I saw two amazing people I had connected with that week and I knew I had to go sit with them. They're an incredible African couple who feel like family and together, at the end of the service they prayed for me and I got totally free from this orphan spirit and any others that were attached. 

At the end of the prayer I physically felt lighter, I had joy, energy and almost like I have new lungs! I could breathe!!!! Hallelujah...

Fast forward a day when I got home, I was very tired after not sleeping on a night flight and went to bed at 7pm. I then woke at midnight wide awake and my Canadian friend had sente a link to your Raleigh prophecy messages so I tuned in while the jet lag effect happened. 

As I was listening it not only was speaking similar words that I had received but I suddenly began to feel a push from God to book our village hall in February. This is something I've never felt to do before, it was like God's big might hand was pushing me, I felt the pressure of his hand saying 'go for it'. In that vision I saw what the evening would look like, that it would be a night for specific believers to come and encounter God, to be filled afresh with his spirit.

I saw that would would break bread, share food, have opportunity for Communion and that it would be a space for prophetic art, confession, prayer and a absolutely worship. 

I see it as being a time of intercession, freedom with no specific song list and perhaps not even a set musician / set of songs. Really a time to be free to say 'more Lord, more'.

Finally I saw a book of testimonies that would follow from this meeting...

So, I enquired about the hall and it's available!!! So. On Thursday 28th February, around 6.30-7pm UK time we will gather together and meet with God.

I'm amazed at what's happened this week. I've had people tell me how well I look, how happy I look too... I'm different. :) hallelujahhhhhh

So from my heart to yours, THANK YOU all for investing into my life last week. God is in control, he is at work and I'm excited to see what plans he has. 

I know the people who I have on my heart to ask as hungry for more and ready so pray with us as we prepare to encounter him. 

I'm all in :)

God be with and bless you all, 

- Ellie, Revival 25 Conference Attendee, Feb 2019

Thank you for your faithfulness

I want to say thank you for all your faithfulness! I was there to perform Toymaker with my YWAM group when the renewal first broke out and have been blessed ever since. I love culture of honour you cultivate and hope to lead the house of prayer God has entrusted to me as well as you. We have been live-streaming the entire conference in Belleville and it is fantastic! 

Tonight during worship as the girl was saying, "Holy, holy, holy," I was laying on the floor and just felt the weight of His glory. All of a sudden, I could feel Jesus was walking down the aisle in His church and there was this "holy" moment. Then slowly, sounds like royal cheering crescendoed along with the drums and He was completely in the midst of you. At that moment, I could feel God the Father hovering over me, like His Spirit does over the waters and I just become intoxicated with His glory. The weight and peace was so thick.

I asked Him what was happening to me and I just sensed resurrection life like when Elisha laid on the dead boy. It was so powerful. That worship leader was so obedient to do that. Thank you. It's so close. His very presence and breath. It's so close. All we have cried out for. It's so close. Him. In all His beauty of holiness. In His glory. His love. His rightful place. Thank you for your faithfulness.

You broke off poverty mentality and piety and passivity tonight off church leaders as you spoke. Your message was so powerful. Such a deep yes. Worth every penny of surrender. Let it be! Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! 

In Him, Wendy Anderson. 

Encounter Weekend: No More Anxiety, Heaviness, or Guilt

God is good! I was raised my entire life in church, however, issues during my upbringing and various life events caused my heart to be wounded, broken.  Jesus wants to heal all sickness including the broken hearts. 

Two years ago I experienced an extreme life change where after 19 years of marriage I moved suddenly with my kids aged 10 and 16, to a different city to be supported by family.  My husband at the time was in a full blown drug psychosis and we had no other option but to leave. The plan was to leave only for a week, but it soon became apparent it would be permanent.

That was the start of a period of extreme depression, inability to work, or to even function on a daily basis. The kids also struggled as they were torn from everything that was familiar - their city, school, friends, house and their father.

However, God is good. He never left us and he provided the strength to deal with each situation as they arose. Within a year I  was able to return to work, and the kids were getting accustomed to life in Oakville. However, life wasn’t easy and everything had changed, especially financially. It has been a constant struggle to find affordable housing.

 In addition, I carried extreme shame and guilt on a daily basis for my failed marriage and the current state of my ex-husband. No matter how much I thought I gave the situation to God, I was mentally tormented on a daily basis.

Two weeks before the encounter I was getting desperate with God as we had been informed we were being evicted in a couple months. God told me I should go to the encounter, but I dismissed it. The Sunday before the encounter Lillian was a greeter at the door and I asked how I could register, although I still didn’t really want to go.

I had basically isolated myself from any type of relationship, outside my family, for the past 2 years. Initially it was due to the events I was going through and then later it was to avoid any possibility of being hurt.  Thus the thought of spending 2 days, 24/7 with a group of women was scary, but I told God if he wanted to work on me, I would go.

By Wednesday that week there was a major blow up in the home, where I had uncontrollable anger directed verbally to my kids. I thought this is similar to how I was raised and that I said I would never do. In addition, the next 2 days I had shooting stomach on and off. Both situations caused me to doubt whether or not I should go. I realized then that the enemy was trying to sabotage me from going and experiencing freedom in all areas of my life.

It was an amazing weekend! First night after the session I went to my assigned cabin with 10 other ladies. We instantly bonded even though we were different ages, backgrounds and life experiences. We had a common thread of wanting more of God that weekend. Night 2, after the last session was done, we had a full out prayer meeting in our cabin as ladies made their specific prayer requests known and everyone agreed in prayer.

The weekend was chalked full of awesome worship, life giving teachings, followed by small group discussion, as well as impartation. Most importantly after each session there was a practical component to repent and experience freedom from life’s hurts, allowing daddy God to restore His life, peace, hope, joy and love.

I left the weekend feeling hopeful, rejuvenated, encouraged, with a renewed desire to memorize scriptures in order to take authority over all aspects of my life in Jesus’ name, hungry to spend more time with God on a daily basis and with an increase in faith knowing that even though there will be struggles, God is with me every step of the way. 

I highly recommend an encounter weekend if you want freedom in any area of your life or simply to draw close to God. He will meet you where you are at and love on you. 

It wasn’t until a couple days after the weekend was over, that I realized I wasn’t waking up or going through my day with anxiety, heaviness, or guilt about the current physical and mental state of my ex. Praise God I can leave my ex in God’s hands and be free from Satan’s daily torment! God wants us to live life abundantly and I’m thankful for the encounter weekend and a renewed peace and trust in God.

- Laura M., Toronto, Encounter Weekend 2019

It's Planted Seeds

I've been sober 18 years, since the age of 24. After a decade struggle with alcohol & drugs. I believed in God from a far, believed the Gospel from a far, but wasn't raised in a Christian home. I did go to Sunday School, so from that, that was the foundation of my beliefs. After going to AA a few years, knowing God was giving me a second chance, My dad and other family started to resurface in my life. I started going to Church, then I took Alpha.

One day, while visiting my grandparents  tombstone, I asked to be closer to God & Jesus, A few minutes later, the  pastor of the Church, led me to the Lord. From that point on, I was on fire, got baptized full emersion, served in youth, children's and young adult ministries. Ushered, been an usher at a Joyce Meyer conference in 2010.

I've shared my faith with others, I'm growing a private duty home care business, helping seniors and handicap individuals. I lost my mom to addiction.

So I wrote my book, my life story, Jeremy, Jesus, And The Beatles. Since I wrote it and it's release, I've been on 100 Huntley Street, a few radio stations, 3 book signing events, all of which are a lot of my unsaved family & friends watching me the Huntley Street interview, bought my book, and has them now open to spiritual things, and open to the Lord. It's planted seeds.

With the loss of my mom to addiction, I wanted to write and share my testimony, in an effort to help others, and help get my loved ones Saved.

- Jeremy Woodley

Cured of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I was diagnosed with the most painful disease known to man, called complex regional pain syndrome, its a very rare auto immune disease where your brain signals pain all over your body non stop. I could sometimes not leave bed for days or move from my leg pain and was always hospitalized when id get a flare up.

There is no cure to it, only treatment options to manage some pain. I went through all types of treatments including nerve blocks, lidocain infusions, and much more. I was also diagnosed with PCOS, and had digestive system problems where I could not eat or digest any food. I also had Vitamin D deficiency which made my body pain even worse. I also battled a spirit of suicide because of the pain I was in. One day I get prayer over the phone and I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit all over my body. That night I was healed from EVERYTHING. I encountered Jesus for 3 days, I didn’t sleep or eat I was just receiving teachings from him directly.

I also saw that my diseases were a cause of blood (black magic) and Jesus has saved me from it and from dying in one night. This happened on March 20th 2018. Jesus also told me many things from the Bible about diseases and healings! All glory to Jesus, I am free from pain, free from the cysts that were on my ovaries and free from lactose intolerance and vitamin D deficiency.

- Submitted anonymously online

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