I am telling everyone my testimony!

My sister and I drove to Catch the Fire Toronto without tickets [to Revival 25 Conference] because we knew God would provide them and we felt compelled to go.  Everyone said they were sold out and that we would never get tickets, but you know that story!  Thank you, Jesus!  First miracle. 

Tuesday night, my sister, Sue and I got into the very long line for prayer by the stage.  I saw Bill Johnson up there so we wiggled our way to the front but when I got there I didn’t see Bill but rather Heidi Baker!  I had asked God, earlier, to have Heidi pray for my ears since I wore hearing aids.  I waited for her to finish praying for some people, and stepped toward her, she look up and I was speechless.  All I could say was, “Heidi, ears!”  She knew what I meant and told me to get on the floor.  She prayed for my ears, “that I would hear the birds sing, and the frogs croak,”  they opened.  I took off my hearing aids and haven’t put them on since!  Alleluia!  Second miracle. 

Wednesday morning, John and Carol Arnott were on the stage praying for healings, they asked us to wave our hands if we had more healings which I knew my shoulder pain was gone and my ears more opened.  So, I waved my hands with 3,000 people around me.  However, I felt a spotlight from Heaven, so it caught John and Carol’s eyes.  They called me on stage and Carol prayed for my ears, proclaimed they were healed and I fell back on stage.  I sobbed and sobbed and had a lovely woman praying for me.  A nice man escorted me off stage after a while, where this woman continued to pray for me.  I could feel the Holy Spirit going down deep into my gut, it felt like surgery.  I sobbed and sobbed.  Amazing.  Third miracle.

I have always said that God is a God of surprises and He certainly is!  For 46 years I have had reproductive system issues  but it was not even anything I was thinking about our asking healing for.  It just wasn’t on my mind, I was so used to it.  It was on the Father’s mind though.  Even, when you Lillian, called us up I wasn’t thinking of anything in particular.  I was so glad He had healed my ears!  But, about 3 minutes into the healing prayer, I fell backwards.  Then electricity hit my entire body but particularly my hands and pelvic area.  I could see the white electricity in every finger and my hands were shaking and I’ve never seen nor felt anything like that in my life!  I couldn’t open my eyes and I was incapacitated.  I heard a woman praying for me.  She said, Jesus was healing me, that I had persevered like the woman with the issue of blood and that He was healing me.  She said Jesus said He died to heal me.  Then Jesus said, “Daughter pick up your mat and walk.”  The electricity left and I got up, a completely new person.  My body feels brand new! 

On our way to Toronto we had many prophetic words, that we would not return the same, that we had only had a glimpse of His glory, and  that He would restore our family 100 fold.

There were also wonderful manifestations of the Spirit that I had never experienced.  Great laughter, peace and joy; one worship song I sang with an Aussie accent; I saw diamonds all in my hair, the falling down, heat and jerking body and many things I saw in the Spirit.  I loved the Fire Tunnel and felt like a child again!

So, I came home and am telling everyone my testimony!  Last night, I told my testimony to a small group at a worship night and before I went up I heard the Lord say, “I am commissioning you tonight!”  Two young women came up to me afterwards and said, “God is going to send me to the States, Europe and INDIA to tell my story.  That I am to release the healing of ears and reproductive systems.  That I am a nurturing mother and that I will show the tangible LOVE of the FATHER to children.”  The amazing thing is that when I was younger I said I’d never go to India, however, my heart has changed and God has been speaking to me specifically about INDIA.  So, when they mentioned India, I felt the Spirit very strongly. 


- Mary A., Revival 25 Conference Attendee, Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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