I had a dream from God

In the early morning, before I got up to come Toronto for the conference, Tuesday, I had a dream from God that ministered to me tremendously already before I came. In the dream I saw myself sitting in the meeting and Carol Arnott was speaking in a prayerful way. She had 4 people in mind and one of them was a young man was sitting behind me, in his mid-thirties, besides two ladies in the other side of the auditorium I didn’t know.

As Carol spoke all of a sudden God just powerfully met me, it hit me deeply in my soul, like
lightning. The Father very powerfully said: “But you can ask me for anything! You can always ask me anything!” I saw His abundance and accessibility and availability. It was as if He deeply reached into my soul and took out all discouragement that I wrestle with.

I am a pastor and so discouraged that my wife and I were thinking of leaving the ministry. I came to Toronto praying the Father would really need to meet me or I give up. On my way here I was weeping in the airplane because in the dream already God ministered to me and took away my discouragement.

Then Carol ministered exactly like I had dreamed and instantly the peace of God came on me like a cloth around me. I feel the Father is doing a work of renewal, again. I came to Toronto since 1995, and had deep encounters with God here. Thank you for your faithfulness in serving the Body of Christ with all this.

-Stef Schagen

received from Catch The Fire Conference 2019

Anita Wing Lee

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