Taking the Fire to Austria

Thank You so much for hosting this conference. My name is Peter and together with my wife Conny I pastor a church close to Vienna (Austria/Europe). Together with my best friend Gottfried and three other guys I flew to the conference to Toronto. My wife stayed at home and preached at our church. This was my first time in North America at all but man was it worth the trip. I came with a lot of expectations but the LORD exceeded them (as usual). There is such a spirit of excellence in your ministry and such a strong focus both on the word and the spirit.

The people on staff worked with such a humble heart and the the prayer team was anointed, very helpful and experienced in the things of God. Such a variety of strong speakers and great messages - the schedule was very well chosen and there were so many possibilities to react on prayer invitations.

I personally have received so much - at all sessions, but during the panel of Heidi Baker & Carol Arnott the Lord really got me :) I started out with sitting on the floor on the aisle close to the stage, but after I while the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong on me, that I had to lay down (still shaking when I think about it). Not easy to put in words, but something great happened inside of me, like he crushed me totally and built me up again. Hours later I was still wrecked ;-)

On Friday after the last session my friend Pastor Gottfried and I went close to the stage and started talking to Steve Webb (Worship CTF London) and after chatting he started to prophecy over us. We have recorded this over 7 Minute prophecy - even though I went to the floor for a moment :-).

Such strong and encouraging words. 

After I landed in Vienna on Sunday around lunch time I drove directly to church - my wife told our church people that even though I will not be in time for the service I still will come around 01 p.m. to give testimony and to lay hands on people. 

A third of our church people stayed and I gave a word (about fire), gave testimony, played the prophecy over our sound system and then laid hands and gave further what I have received. It was an atmosphere filled with expectation and faith and anointing in the air.

I did the same also on Wednesday at our weekly worship evening and also this Sunday for those that have not been here the Sunday before. 

Last but surely not least: I LOVE THE CTF WORSHIP - amazing - since I left Canada I have definitely listened to the "PRESENCE" Album on Spotify. I also shared it on all possible social media platforms. Yesterday we "imported" the first song in our church set list "I live to worship You". 

I am excited to see what the Lord will do in and through us in Austria the coming weeks and months.


Thank You so much again and blessings from Austria,
Peter Kloiber
Revival 25 Conference, Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

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