What is God doing in this season of your life? 


Life is not easy or simple. We all experience hardship, breakdown and tragedy, but time and time again, we've seen how God's love for us greater than our troubles. His ability to transform our lives is infinite and endless.  Hearing and sharing your testimonies gives us all courage, hope and faith to continue in the walk. 


Following Jesus, receiving the Father's love and flowing in the Holy Spirit is a lifelong journey.  Your stories of miraculous breakthrough, supernatural restoration and heavenly blessings have inspired us to keep going for decades.  


We'd love to hear what God is doing in this season of your life! Take some time to record and share your story in the form below. We invite you to be as honest and transparent as you feel comfortable. We pray over every submission and thank you for for being part of our church family.


Already shared your testimony with Catch The Fire before? Feel free to share again! God is always moving. 


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*Please note that we take your confidentiality very seriously. We invite you to be as honest and transparent as you feel comfortable and to withhold names, identities or locations where appropriate.

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