Inner Healing Through Worship

I was married and very much in love, then my now late husband sadly passed away due to illness in 2016. I was totally broken, was not eating, I even had suicidal thoughts. Then I got my first breakthrough whilst listening to worship. Whilst I was listening to worship by Bethel Music the drums seem to break some of the walls I had put up around my heart between me and God!! I was astonished!!

I knew my heart was seriously hardened due to it being so broken but I had no idea if I would be able to open it again to God..until that day. It was like I now had a glimmer of hope through realizing how powerful worship could be! Then around a month or so later while in my bedroom I pushed myself to worship God! I had been a worship leader for years before but with the pain I struggled to sing until this time.

Whilst in worship God began to gently guide me to give him a little more of my heart as I sung so I very cautiously did singing out freer and freer until we got to a point where I was singing just how he told me to it was something I had never experienced before then he reached into my heart and took a bit of the pain I was feeling that day! A total miracle instant inner healing through worship I was in shock!

I never knew this level of emotional healing was possible just in my bedroom while I had this encounter with God! I had never heard testimonies like this before!!! But he did it for me! It was incredible! My hope and faith jumped! The other crazy thing was God showed me what he did spiritually as he did it. I saw the pain deep out of my heart like smoke! And I felt so much better after!!

My revelation of what is possible through worship has forever changed! Now I live to share worship encouraging everyone I can that miracles are possible in worship that it’s not just about music! It’s about the fact that we encounter God! And when we do that anything is possible! It changed my life, restored joy from brokenness in a supernaturally quick time! All Glory to God!

- Nikki G., Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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