I Got Totally Free From This Orphan Spirit

I came from the UK to conference last week, it was all very out of the blue and I suddenly found myself in a line registering. 

I came with expectation, God had already highlighted some things I needed delivering from so I felt I was in good shape to come and get filled after some awesome revelations. 

For me it started the day before conference, spending time with some very godly awesome women who were also attending. I knew in my spirit that there was a deeper work to be done and feeling a little apprehensive / vulnerable I made the decision I would be 'all in' whatever that meant.

I realised quickly I was pretty reserved and on tuesday night, after receiving a word in the queue to get in!!!! I knew I was actually pretty spiritually dehydrated and I needed some serious soaking and further revelation.

It didn't take long and the layers started to come off, there's too much detail to write here but essentially words spoken by strangers in the prayer lines, people sitting close by and by friends I knew all had a similar theme. 

Words were Breakthrough, seasons of change, a shift, about God's father heart love for me and that he hasn't forgotten me or his promises to me. It was incredible. 

I listened to Heidi's message and as she spoke about an orphan spirit and soaked it in, seeing myself in her story. Although at this point, the lightning bolt didn't come. The revelation came when I was standing at the front when bethel were leading and as we sang 'I am a child of God' I could feel bubbling in me. Its like the room when quiet and I was the only one in the room, I suddenly realised I had an orphan spirit. I had dealt with some things already but this one was hiding and in that moment, I realised although not a physical orphan, many of my emotions and behaviours were like one. My expectations were low, my disappointments were high, my self esteem was better but has had many highs and lows... It was so obvious, this was the root. So as I worshipped I thanked God for the revelation of his father heart love for me and I felt a huge release. 

Sunday then came and I was flying home that evening. As I stood in line for prayer similar words were spoken over me again and more was released... It was coming out. 

Then, across the room I saw two amazing people I had connected with that week and I knew I had to go sit with them. They're an incredible African couple who feel like family and together, at the end of the service they prayed for me and I got totally free from this orphan spirit and any others that were attached. 

At the end of the prayer I physically felt lighter, I had joy, energy and almost like I have new lungs! I could breathe!!!! Hallelujah...

Fast forward a day when I got home, I was very tired after not sleeping on a night flight and went to bed at 7pm. I then woke at midnight wide awake and my Canadian friend had sente a link to your Raleigh prophecy messages so I tuned in while the jet lag effect happened. 

As I was listening it not only was speaking similar words that I had received but I suddenly began to feel a push from God to book our village hall in February. This is something I've never felt to do before, it was like God's big might hand was pushing me, I felt the pressure of his hand saying 'go for it'. In that vision I saw what the evening would look like, that it would be a night for specific believers to come and encounter God, to be filled afresh with his spirit.

I saw that would would break bread, share food, have opportunity for Communion and that it would be a space for prophetic art, confession, prayer and a absolutely worship. 

I see it as being a time of intercession, freedom with no specific song list and perhaps not even a set musician / set of songs. Really a time to be free to say 'more Lord, more'.

Finally I saw a book of testimonies that would follow from this meeting...

So, I enquired about the hall and it's available!!! So. On Thursday 28th February, around 6.30-7pm UK time we will gather together and meet with God.

I'm amazed at what's happened this week. I've had people tell me how well I look, how happy I look too... I'm different. :) hallelujahhhhhh

So from my heart to yours, THANK YOU all for investing into my life last week. God is in control, he is at work and I'm excited to see what plans he has. 

I know the people who I have on my heart to ask as hungry for more and ready so pray with us as we prepare to encounter him. 

I'm all in :)

God be with and bless you all, 

- Ellie, Revival 25 Conference Attendee, Feb 2019

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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