Four Years Born Again


It all started around September 2014 when I experienced a tragedy in my life. It was a very distraught moment for me and I felt very anxious and depressed because of it. However something inside of me told me to trust in God, which is something that I have done since I was younger. I didn't know much about Jesus Christ since I didn't grow up in a Christian home and wasn't Christian.

When I went online one day I searched in people who have experienced the same problem that I have and how God helped them. From then on I knew that I had to put my full faith in God. I was 20 years old at the time and was in the Social Service Worker program at Seneca college.

During my year at the program I had met my friend name Julian whom I was asking more questions about God and who Jesus was. When it was December 2015 I gave my life to Christ.  From then on, I had started to read the bible and started praying more often and each day I became closer to the Lord. 

The changes I have noticed in my life spiritually were that I was slowly changing into a better person. I noticed myself to be forgiving others more and looking at things from a more positive view. Every time I am praying I feel the presence of God and each time it reminds me that he is there and I feel loved by Him. I am able to pray and read the bible daily and through that He sometimes reveals to me his plans. 

And the difference that these things make in my life are that I am more confident and I know that I can trust God whenever things go wrong in my life. I am able to bring others closer to him and be able to preach to them what He did for us on the cross. 

I am only a almost 4 years born again Christian and I believe God is going to be doing much more in my life in which he already is doing. 

- Gulcan S., Toronto

Anita Wing Lee

Transformational Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Mentor helping aspiring trailblazers turn their passion into their career.

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