We want our children to encounter God and experience His love          so they can continue to walk in His love and give it away to the world!

vision for our kids...

  1. We teach our children to know who they are in Jesus ( Matthew 5 : 9 )

  2. We teach our children the word of God to know the ways of the Lord ( Deuteronomy 6 : 6 )

  3. We want the children to be children so they can experience the kingdom of heaven on earth ( Luke 18 : 15 – 17 )

  4. We want every child to meet their best friend “Holy Spirit” ( John 14 : 16 )


Each week on a Sunday after worship We equip our children to face the world through Kingdom Values and life skills.  welove our children unconditionally, We equip, train and empower our children for their God-given Call and purpose.

We have trained kids teachers and fully screened by our local police departments and Catch the fire Toronto office.



Marina as a former school teacher, loves to be with children and see them grow with wisdom of God so they can be better children at home , brilliant students at school and learn to be who they are and grow in their own destiny.

Giulia Huband

Giulia's heart is to see kids experience God and the Holy Spirit at a young age. Her desire is to show them that they can know their Heavenly Father through a personal relationship and grow to be fully aware of their identity in Christ.  

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