As you may well know, my wife has been on health leave since July of 2017 with adrenal fatigue, otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue. What she is able to accomplish in a day at this point is significantly more than what she could do at the beginning of her health leave.

Thank you for all your prayers. However, Ruth is still operating on quite limited energy levels. We’ve recently been informed of the need for a necessary operation where a significant recovery period would be needed. To be able to support my wife in a higher capacity, I will be stepping down as lead pastor at Catch The Fire Central, and accepting Catch The Fire’s offer for compassionate dismissal.

The decision to step down is indeed not an easy one. To have had the opportunity to help facilitate and partner with what God has been doing in the community here has been unbelievable. There have been so many testimonies over the years! To be able to work alongside leaders and see them grow in this season has really been a real blessing and privilege. I want to thank you all for prayers and support over the years, and primarily through this last season.

Through lots prayer and conversation we've come to a decision with Steve & Sandra that Chris & Rebekah Long will be stepping into the lead pastoral role at Central. They have been the young adult pastors at Catch The Fire Toronto’s Airport Campus, and they carry a passion for seeing Holy Spirit move and for seeing people grow in their gifts and anointing. This transition will happen over the month of July.



Perhaps a few questions that may come up:

Will I still be attending Central?
I feel that it is essential for me to step out of Central so that Chris and Rebekah can fully step in as the new pastors. I would also be inclined to attend another church as well so I can take a season to only receive. We are preparing to move to Ottawa where we can be closer to family where we will have some extra help available. We will be making this transition at the end of August.

Will this change our leadership structure?
There’s no leadership structure change planned. We will continue to design and run small groups in the fall. Stephan Zijl and Ruthann Bartello will continue to be on Central’s pastoral team.

Will I have a job?
I will continue to run my recording studio business where I can work from home so I can be with Ruth more often. I would also like to spend time developing and releasing music for a season and see where God leads us with that.

There may be questions that we don’t have the full answers to yet, but we know God is good and that he has good things in store for those who love him. We are trusting God in this season. Our ask is for you to trust God and follow his leading.


Marcel Preston

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