Steve & Sandra Long


Have you ever felt like, “God, there must be more that you intended for my life”?  Do you want to be propelled by the Holy Spirit into the next level of your purpose and destiny?


We’ve heard countless stories of people’s lives being transformed by an encounter with the Holy Spirit. People who literally could not walk, were in financial hardship, or suffered from epileptic seizures have been healed in this house.


The Word speaks of what we are capable of:


The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me to be hope for the poor, freedom for the brokenhearted, new eyes for the blind and to preach to prisoners,You are set free!’ ” (Luke 4:18-19)


At Catch The Fire Conference 2018, we are pouring everything out for the next generation - you. We don’t mean next generation in terms of age. We sense your unstoppable hunger for more of God and it is this desire that assures us: He wants to unleash his presence on you. We are here to give it all away!


Conference is infinitely more than just a handful of messages packed into four days. We invite you to join us for an intentional, sacred time with Father God. He will restore your heart to wholeness, refresh your soul with power and catapult you into the stratosphere of your life’s destiny.


Something indescribable happens when we encounter His Presence. It’s near impossible to explain this supernatural phenomenon but the best word we have for it is FREEDOM. Freedom is yours. More than ever, the world needs to see the fire that blazes inside of believers who have tasted true freedom.  


We were there at the revival in 1994, but now it is time for you to experience it firsthand. You may be someone who has never fully tasted the glory of God, but at 2018 Conference, this will all change.


Guests, worship, impartation and anointed leadership from within our Catch The Fire house will open the floodgates for you to receive the blessings and outpouring God wants to give you.


The tide is shifting. It’s time to get on the boat. The next wave of the Holy Spirit is coming and our prayer is that you will experience the the fullness of God’s hand on your life, your family and your spheres.


We love you. We love you as our very own sons, daughters, brothers and sisters and we are so excited to see what God is going to do for you this year!


With Love,

Steve & Sandra Long

Senior Leaders, Catch The Fire Toronto

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About Steve & Sandra Long 

Steve & Sandra Long became a part of Catch The Fire in the 1994 Toronto Blessing, and became Senior Leaders in 2006. Along with providing leadership for the Toronto church, Steve and Sandra travel and minister around the world.  Pastor Sandra is gifted with a heart for restoring and empowering people.  Pastor Steve is the author of three books,The Faith Zone, My Healing Belongs To and On The Run, co-authored with Sandra. 

About Catch The Fire Toronto 

We are a church that is passionate about pursuing the presence of God.  We have a heart for worship, impartation, and seeing God’s kingdom expanded throughout the earth. We strive to help each person become emotionally and spiritually whole, we do this by welcoming the Holy Spirit, and partnering with what He wants to do in our church.

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