Welcome to Central's Young Adults Group! 


We believe God is raising up an army of Burning Ones and we want to answer that call! If you are a young adult, and you want to burn for Jesus, this group is for you! We are expecting big things as we press in together and dig deeper into what it means to burn.

Monday Night format:

We will meet together to worship, then discuss what the Word says about burning for Jesus in every part of our lives; (work, school, relationships, outreach, and more).  We will reach out to the young adults in the universities around us and love them with the tangible love of God. Sign up for Monday worship, word and fellowship nights:

Outreaches in  downtown toronto:


Frosh Week: September 7, 2016

e-mail Mel at Mjefferey@catchthefire.com to join her in reaching out to students at U of T during Frosh Week. 


If you would like learn more about what's coming up next or if you would like to join us, check out our Facebook page here:

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