Catch The Fire and the Roman Catholic Church



Catch The Fire leadership has felt prompted and led by the Holy Spirit to pursue dialogue, friendship and greater mutual understanding of the Roman Catholic church and their respective leaders, in accordance with the final prayer of Jesus in John 17. In light of recent interactions between our ministry and the Roman Catholic Church, a need to clarify the relationship has come to our attention.

Catch The Fire is a separate organization from the Roman Catholic Church, and neither party desires any change in this matter, though both have expressed a desire for a stronger relationship. The faith-based views of Catch The Fire and the Roman Catholic Church hold many things in common including:

  1. An affirmation of the Historical Nicene and Apostolic creeds. (NOTE: Catch The Fire does not endorse all practices or theologies outside of the Nicene or Apostolic Creed. For more information about our statement of faith, visit

  2. A Pro-Life worldview and practice.

  3. A traditional definition of marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

  4. Strong traditional family model and ethic.

  5. The Catholic Church recognizes the current of grace through the charismatic renewal of the last 100 plus years.

  6. A common concern and effort to counter militant totalitarian secularism in Western Society.

  7. A high value for unity in diversity, leading in modeling repentance for past inter-church sins, and Christ-centered salvation.

Catch The Fire recognizes the value of an agreement on a 1999 Joint Declaration, between the World Lutheran Federation and the Roman Catholic Church defining salvation as justification by faith alone through grace.  This document can be viewed at:

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