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Revelation School

This school will change the way to SEE and HEAR and ENCOUNTER the REALMS of the SPIRIT. It is 5 packed days of biblical equipping and activation that will deepen your life with God and accelerate the growth of your revelatory gifts and abilities.

The purpose of this week-long event is to activate and release people to operate in their revelatory abilities. It is our aim to create a prophetic army of sons and daughters that walk in the love of their Heavenly Father and can operate in the Spirit with integrity and accuracy. 

Topics include: 
Foundations of Prophetic Ministry
Developing your spiritual senses
Activating your Prophetic Gift
Developing the Seer within you
A life refined by His fire
Heavenly Visions and Encounters
Languages of the Spirit
Interpretation of Revelation
Sanctified Gift and Prophetic Integrity
Healing the wounded prophet
Supernatural Kingdom
Prophetic symbolism and metaphors
Understanding Dreams
Living your prophetic destiny
Ministry of Angels
Building prophetic teams
Pastoring prophetic people
Prophetic evangelism

With activations and impartation, we believe this school will be a transformative part of your journey. 

Earlier Event: August 6
Family Feast
Later Event: August 11
Preparation For The Glory Seminar
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