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Operating in the Courts of Heaven - Robert Henderson

Please come and join us for a Weekend with Robert Henderson.  With a passion to see the Lord’s kingdom come to earth in a tangible way, Robert Henderson is a man of undistracted devotion. Whether it is through the apostolic teaching gift that he has been given; the demonstration of signs and wonders or the governmental authority that flows from the Throne of God Robert desire to see God’s kingdom come to earth and Jesus’ will being done. Robert’s life changed in a dramatic way as the Lord began to unlock how to operate in the court systems of heaven. Since that time he has been on a mission to help people understand that the conflict to bring the kingdom to earth is first and foremost in the courtroom of heaven and not first on a battlefield in the spirit realm. Once we get verdicts from the court then the victory of those verdicts are executed in the battlefield. Robert is the author of several books including The Caused Blessing. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Mary for over 38 years. They have six children and five grandchildren. Together they are enjoying life in Midlothian, Texas.

Free Admission! 

Friday, July 28 - 7:30pm (Friday night service)
Saturday, July 29 - 10am - 5pm

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