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Car Wash - Youth Fundraiser


On Sunday, July 16th and Sunday, July 30th, our youth will be washing cars for donations to help towards their cost of camp. When you come to the service on Sunday morning, let us know where you parked, and the youth will wash your car for you during the service. Come, receive a car wash and help us send our youth to camp!


After you have parked your car and walk into our front foyer, you will see us with a table set up. Let us know where you parked your car and leave your keys with us. We will have 4 adult drivers (approved drivers with Catch The Fire with full G licenses) drive your car to the side of the church where the youth will wash the outside of your car. We will reserve your parking spot so that it doesn't get taken while your car is being washed. We will bring your car back to your parking spot and have your keys waiting for you with a leader at the table you dropped your keys off. We welcome donations! Thank-you so much for supporting our youth!

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