Welcome to our women’s ministry!

We exists to enhance every woman’s passion for Jesus as we walk in the fullness of our God-given destinies. Come and meet with other like-minded women in relationship, with great teaching and impartation. Join us for a monthly core meeting where we worship with the men's ministry.  After a combined worship, men split off into mens ministry and women stay in the auditorium for teaching and ministry.  Women’s connect groups are highlighted and encouraged to join one for more intimate relationship and pastoring.

Who its for

  • Women of all ages and life stages!

  • We have single moms, wives, businesswomen, leaders, students and everything in between.


Our core meeting happens bi-monthly at the main church location on a Saturday typically.  Women's connect groups meet once a week, twice a month month or once a month, depending on the group.

Connect Groups

To sign up for a women's connect group, join us at our core meeting, or email toronto@catchthefire.com.   



Messages For the Feminine Heart


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