What is Prophetic Ministry?


The prophetic ministry of Catch the Fire is a time of receiving personal insight and encouragement from God through our trained ministers. We exists to encourage all who come to receive a prophetic, blessing word.  This ministry also exists to give an outlet for believers to exercise their spiritual gift of personal prophesy.  Come and receive an edifying word from the Lord or if you are a member of Catch the Fire and have attended prophetic training classes, apply to be a part of the prophetic team. 


1 Corinthians 14:1 states to "pursue love and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”  Verse 3-4 states, “he who prophecies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men…he who prophesies edifies the church.”

You will receive more instructions upon your arrival. Please bring a recording device as no prophetic words will be given without one.


For more information please contact us at prophetic@catchthefire.com


Open Hours

Prophetic Ministry runs every Sunday at  10:45 am in Overflow Room 2 (back of the auditorium).

The ministry is closed weekends that fall on a holiday (e.g Family Day, Christmas) and on the following dates. 
Cancelled Dates: 
May 20th 2018
July 1st 2018
August 5th 2018
September 2nd 2018
October 7th 2018



Growing In the Prophetic
Message by Patricia Bootsma



A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters: Through Prayer, Prophesy and the Living Word

GROUP Leaders

Patricia Bootsma

Patricia Bootsma

Patricia Bootsma, alongside her husband John, is the Sr. Associate Pastor of Catch the Fire Toronto.  She gives leadership to the House of Prayer, Prophetic and Women’s Departments.  Patricia travels extensively as a prophetic voice to churches, ministries and regions and has a heart for all to walk in passionate love for the Lord and fullness of His destiny for them.  Patricia is the author of three books:  Convergence, Raising Burning Hearts and A Lifestyle of Divine Encounters.  She and John are the parents of six amazing children, three of whom are married and in Christian ministry. 

Andrew Chua

Andrew Chua

Coralea Chua

Coralea Chua

Andrew and Coralea Chua have been leading the Catch The Fire Toronto prophetic team for 8 years. They are devoted to continually developing a culture of excellence and community within the prophetic team members who serve in the ministry. They currently oversee a team of over 40 people.

Coralea is an Occupational Therapist working in pediatrics. Andrew has attained the Chartered Financial Analyst and Financial Risk Manager designations and has experience in the field of investment management for institutions.

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