standing tall IN God


We're called as leaders who walk with Him in our homes and workplaces. We are a safe place where we can share our struggles, defeats and our victories together. We are here to help you grow in your character, and help you move forward in your life.

CTF Courageous Men Connect Groups leadership team:

Errol Findlay (convenor), Chris Burch and Todd Felkai

Identity: Men on Fire, under Christ, walking as brothers, in the Father's love

What goes on:

Worship; Testimonies; Scripture readings; Inspirational/ instructional talks; Prayers; food; Games; Prophetic ministry; Bi-monthly breakfasts; Outreach and Small Groups.

What we promise:

A welcoming space/place where

1) no man feels intimidated to join a group

2) every man has an opportunity to speak uninterrupted and be listened to attentively if he wishes

3) no man will be judged with his issues

4) every man will be encouraged to be real and vulnerable

5) every man will be afforder safety and confidentiality

6) every man will be offered prophetic prayers, ministry and transformational encounters with God, the Holy Spirit

We welcome men of every age, life stage and culture.

  • We are sons, dad, uncles, brothers and husbands.

  • We are leaders, businessmen, managers, employees, artists and visionaries.

  • We are hungry for more of God's power in our lives!

When We Meet

Wednesdays from 7:00 - 9:00pm in the Upper Rooms at 272 Attwell Drive. Join us every week for small groups, prayer, guest speakers, and testimonies.

We also have monthly Friday Night meetings were we will be having phenomenal worship followed by dynamic speakers. 


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