It's Planted Seeds

I've been sober 18 years, since the age of 24. After a decade struggle with alcohol & drugs. I believed in God from a far, believed the Gospel from a far, but wasn't raised in a Christian home. I did go to Sunday School, so from that, that was the foundation of my beliefs. After going to AA a few years, knowing God was giving me a second chance, My dad and other family started to resurface in my life. I started going to Church, then I took Alpha.

One day, while visiting my grandparents  tombstone, I asked to be closer to God & Jesus, A few minutes later, the  pastor of the Church, led me to the Lord. From that point on, I was on fire, got baptized full emersion, served in youth, children's and young adult ministries. Ushered, been an usher at a Joyce Meyer conference in 2010.

I've shared my faith with others, I'm growing a private duty home care business, helping seniors and handicap individuals. I lost my mom to addiction.

So I wrote my book, my life story, Jeremy, Jesus, And The Beatles. Since I wrote it and it's release, I've been on 100 Huntley Street, a few radio stations, 3 book signing events, all of which are a lot of my unsaved family & friends watching me the Huntley Street interview, bought my book, and has them now open to spiritual things, and open to the Lord. It's planted seeds.

With the loss of my mom to addiction, I wanted to write and share my testimony, in an effort to help others, and help get my loved ones Saved.

- Jeremy Woodley

Cured of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

I was diagnosed with the most painful disease known to man, called complex regional pain syndrome, its a very rare auto immune disease where your brain signals pain all over your body non stop. I could sometimes not leave bed for days or move from my leg pain and was always hospitalized when id get a flare up.

There is no cure to it, only treatment options to manage some pain. I went through all types of treatments including nerve blocks, lidocain infusions, and much more. I was also diagnosed with PCOS, and had digestive system problems where I could not eat or digest any food. I also had Vitamin D deficiency which made my body pain even worse. I also battled a spirit of suicide because of the pain I was in. One day I get prayer over the phone and I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit all over my body. That night I was healed from EVERYTHING. I encountered Jesus for 3 days, I didn’t sleep or eat I was just receiving teachings from him directly.

I also saw that my diseases were a cause of blood (black magic) and Jesus has saved me from it and from dying in one night. This happened on March 20th 2018. Jesus also told me many things from the Bible about diseases and healings! All glory to Jesus, I am free from pain, free from the cysts that were on my ovaries and free from lactose intolerance and vitamin D deficiency.

- Submitted anonymously online

The Lord's Presence In My Living Room

This happened after the Catch The Fire Conference 2018 and I feel the Holy Spirit nudging me to share. I was enjoying The LORD’s Presence in my living room and worshipping him with “JESUS! JESUS! You make the darkness tremble! JESUS! JESUS! You silence fear!” And Jesus took my hands and touched my face. I turned around I saw inside, as though I was on stage with Carol Arnott and I sang out fully in a mighty roar “JESUS JESUS! YOU MAKE THE DARKNESS TREMBLE! JESUS! JESUS! YOU SILENCE FEAR!”

As we cut with the sword [like Carol was doing on the platform], everyone was given freely the gift of intimacy with HOLY YESHUA. The knowing that He is literally inside and on top of my hands and feet, every cell, every atom in my body. I know that if I let go He’ll catch me, fully posses me and do His Wonders through me. He’ll LOVE the world back to life. We just sit back and rest in His lap as He does us better than we ever could. Because He’s fully GOOD. In Him, we are understood. 

- Submitted anonymously online

Four Years Born Again


It all started around September 2014 when I experienced a tragedy in my life. It was a very distraught moment for me and I felt very anxious and depressed because of it. However something inside of me told me to trust in God, which is something that I have done since I was younger. I didn't know much about Jesus Christ since I didn't grow up in a Christian home and wasn't Christian.

When I went online one day I searched in people who have experienced the same problem that I have and how God helped them. From then on I knew that I had to put my full faith in God. I was 20 years old at the time and was in the Social Service Worker program at Seneca college.

During my year at the program I had met my friend name Julian whom I was asking more questions about God and who Jesus was. When it was December 2015 I gave my life to Christ.  From then on, I had started to read the bible and started praying more often and each day I became closer to the Lord. 

The changes I have noticed in my life spiritually were that I was slowly changing into a better person. I noticed myself to be forgiving others more and looking at things from a more positive view. Every time I am praying I feel the presence of God and each time it reminds me that he is there and I feel loved by Him. I am able to pray and read the bible daily and through that He sometimes reveals to me his plans. 

And the difference that these things make in my life are that I am more confident and I know that I can trust God whenever things go wrong in my life. I am able to bring others closer to him and be able to preach to them what He did for us on the cross. 

I am only a almost 4 years born again Christian and I believe God is going to be doing much more in my life in which he already is doing. 

- Gulcan S., Toronto

Testimonies from Youth Camp 2017

Here are some testimonies from our youth who came to camp last year.


“Before camp, I had been dealing with a lot of things in my life. I felt angry, alone, and that I didn’t belong. During worship, I felt hollow. I was in a tent full of people but felt so alone. I started talking to God saying, ‘God, you’re my Father! What kind of Father are you? Do you not love me? I am supposed to be your child!’ I was so angry. All of a sudden, I began shaking and crying as God’s love fell on me. For the first time, I felt the love of God.


“God did a lot of amazing things in my heart this week. I struggled a lot with finding my identity in my race. I did not accept who I was. I asked God, “Why am I like this? Why am I not like everyone else?” God replied back to me saying that He calls me beautiful, He loves me, and I am His child. He showed me that my home is in heaven, not on earth. My identity is in Him, not in who I am on earth. God showed me my new identity in Him and I can be who He created me to be!


“I had been struggling with loneliness and felt like I wasn’t wanted by anyone. During one of the worship sets, the singer started repeating, ‘I have a family. I have a home. I have a Father. I’m not alone.’ In that moment, I felt God’s love for me and all the loneliness went away. God helped me forgive the people in my life who made me feel alone, and now I’m free!


“For a long time, I felt like I was not good enough and that I would never fit it. I came to camp wanting to change my perspective. I wanted to see myself how God saw me. During one of the ministry times, God revealed to me that he never missed a thing that was going on in my life, that he was always there for me, and that he would never leave me. After that, I let it all out and cried the most I have all year. In that moment, I finally felt worthy, enough, and free!

No more anxiety

Before coming to Catch The Fire, I had quite a lot of anxiety, and I didn't know if the world was a safe place to be who I am. But in the past few years I've encountered the love of God so much that knowing that I am accepted as a son has changed everything, and I don't struggle with anxiety the same way I used to, I don't have to perform the way I used to and it has brought a lot of joy and freedom in my life!

-Jonathan Clarke, worship leader

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