What can I expect?

Our meetings start with Spirit filled worship followed by a welcome and announcements on what is happening with our church family in the coming weeks then a message on what God has for us.

We aim to finish after 2 hours together however meetings vary fom one another because we try to be flexible and do what God wants to do.

We are BIG on listening to God and obeying him. 

We are an expressive church. This means we want to feel free to connect with God and not hide our emotions from him. 
We believe God created us with unique personalities, passions, creativity and we want every area of our being to express itself. At the same time we do believe that God is a God of order and our services are done in order and respect of one another.

Where do I park?

Right outside the building. There is plenty of parking available for everyone and it is accessible to all. Get directions here

What time should I get to church?

We like to get together 15 minutes before the meeting at 10.15am so you have time to catch up and greet each other and find your seat before worship starts. We have people on the door who are there to greet everyone who comes to our church, new or old.

Can I sit anywhere?

Yes, unless the seat is clearly reserved.

What do I have to Wear and Bring with me?

There is no dress code, you are free to wear what you want as long as it is appropriate. We suggest you bring a Bible and notepad for taking notes.

I have kids - is there a nursery and a kids program?

Yes, we have kids Cluster groups every Sunday for ages between 0 - 16 years old.
You can find out what a Cluster group is here.

How can I give?

If you want to give to the church you can do it on a Sunday by Cash, Card, Cheque or through our online system Push pay.

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