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At Catch The Fire, we lead people into encounters with God where they experience His love and are forever changed. 

We are grateful to our incredible volunteers who give hundreds of hours serving in ministries and to our donor who give financially give to support the church. 


Malachi 3:10 says, "Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it." 


We believe in the Biblical principle of tithing, which is bringing the first 10% (tithe) of our income into the storehouse (church). Tithes and Offerings received at Catch The Fire provide the necessary cash-flow to support all our ministries and initiatives.



 For Canadian residents

For Canadian residents

 For US Residents

For US Residents

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Lives Transformed



"I am a son, welcomed and loved not only by God but by His family. Catch The Fire has helped me immensely in understanding this truth. Not only in teaching but through the mothers and fathers placed in my life who continue to provide a safe place for me to face the Father's tangible love and be transformed.

- Daniel


children's ministry 

"Almost every week we hear testimonies of angelic encounters, dreams and visions. There is such a bold freedom in kids and their ability to experience heaven. Our kids are learning biblical foundations, learning to value worship as well as learning to understand their royal identity in God. Now, on average, Airport Kids Ministry has 12 new families registering each month!"

- Sandra Abrahams, Children's Ministry Director



A Hindu girl who had never heard of Jesus before came to one of our meetings, experienced God's presence, and gave her life to Jesus on the spot. She couldn't stop weeping for days! In the following 3 weeks, she testified that Jesus wouldn't stop talking to her, and had healed her body and her emotions. 

- Ruth Preston, Pastor of Catch The Fire Toronto Central Location


My Life was changeD.
And so was everyone in my youth group. 

When we got back on Sunday, a renewal broke out at our church. All of the youth prayed for everyone else for 2 hours after the service ended. Before the conference, I wanted so much more of God, but I always got distracted and held back.

On the last day of the conference, I went to Patricia Bootsma’s workshop where she spoke about the vows we declare over our lives that aren't Godly and that we should repent for making those vows. It reminded of the time when I came to Catch The Fire as a child and seeing people get totally consumed by the Holy Spirit. I never wanted that because I thought it was scary and embarrassing.

I repented, and that very night God revealed so much to me about my life and what He was freeing me from. I have so much more joy and peace. All I want is to spend all my days in the presence of God, like David did. This conference was life changing!

 - Tiffany, attendee at Freshwind Conference


Local & Global Impact

Catch The Fire Toronto has 5 key areas of work:


Local Church

 Number of Salvations in the last year

Number of Baptisms in the last year

60% more people being impacted at church than last year. 

Number of people getting connected through Connect Groups


Conferences & Events

Over 4,000 conference attendees received life-transforming teaching in the past year


School of Ministry

Number of students attending the SOM

Outreach Destinations in the past year



# of Missions in the last year

Big Give stats?

Family Day Stats?



YouTube subscribers

Social Media reach? 



We work very hard to make sure the money you give is handled with integrity. We ensure what your donation is making a direct difference in the Kingdom of God. 




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Schedule a series of weekly, monthly or annual gifts. It’s great for those who want to give regularly and it means you never miss out on giving back to God even if you are away on vacation, can’t make it to the meeting or live far away. 

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There are many meaningful ways to volunteer your time in over 12 different ministries. Many workplaces also offer paid volunteering time to their staff.

Learning more about serving here.

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Fill out a giving envelope at any Catch The Fire location and place in the offering buckets during any regular meeting. Debit terminals are available at select locations.

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Call our designated giving help line. (647) 479-2139.
Toll Free: 1-866-500-0003 ext 8865.

Download our App for Android or.





Catch The Fire
268 Attwell Drive
Toronto, ON  M9W 6M3

Please make cheque payable to Catch The Fire. 


Contact us to receive your account number, then add Catch The Fire Toronto as a payee to make your gift. Available for TD Canada Trust account holders at this time.



You can donate new items that are needed and receive a tax receipt in return. 

You may also wish to leave a portion of your estate to help continue the work of Catch The Fire and for tax planning purposes.


Stocks, securities, mutual funds, stock options or similar financial vehicles are a cost-effective way for you to turn a past investment into immediate and significant support for Catch The Fire. Pay no tax on the capital gains while still receiving a tax receipt for the fair market value of your gift.

Contact us directly at or by phone at 647-479-2139

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In early 2017,  Steve Long led a 4-part series on Kingdom Finances for our church. He and Sandra felt in their spirits that Catch The Fire needed to have a breakthrough year. As a result of these teachings, many individuals in our church family have had breakout years in terms of their personal finances.  We pray that these resources will bless your life as well: 

Frequently asked questions

+ What is Catch The Fire’s Charitable Registration Number?

Catch The Fire Toronto is a registered Canadian Charity. Our charitable registration number is 132975129 RR0001.

+ I lost my tax receipt. Can I get a replacement?

If you can’t find your tax receipt, please email and we will issue a new receipt to cancel and replace the lost receipt. Be sure to double check your email, as e-receipts would may remain in your archived messages.

+ What are the advantages of donating online?

Giving a gift to Catch The Fire has never been easier. You can use your credit card or a Visa Debit Card. Online donations are simple to do and are very secure. You can track all past donations and see your online giving history. You will save our staff valuable time and resources, allowing more time to be spent on furthering our mission and less time on administrative work. Online donations reach our bank faster, meaning we can fund our objectives more quickly.

+ Can I donate if I live in the USA, the UK, or other country?

Absolutely. We issue tax receipts to Canadian and US residents only. If you are a resident of Canada or the United States, you will receive a tax receipt for eligible donations to our ministry. Tax receipts are issued annually by February 28. Receipts are sent via email by default. We will mail your tax receipt if we do not have an email on file, or if you contact our team to opt out of e-receipts.

+ How can I update my contact, billing, or credit card information?

We are happy to help! We have a dedicated team ready to help you. Please contact us via email or phone at 647-479-2139.

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