Central Baptism, Church and BBQ in High Park

  • High Park High Park Ave Toronto, ON Canada

Central is having church, baptism and BBQ at High Park on August 30th! As our first service at High Park has been a huge success we are excited to announce our second outdoor service, this time with a baptism as well in High Park public pool! How awesome is that??! Not only that, in the end we'll have a yummy Bring-your-own-meat BBQ with a fun hangout! 

Where: High Park, Picnic area #5
- Baptism Class 4:00 - 4:30
- Church and Baptisms 4:30-6:00
- BYOM-BBQ from 6:000-7.30pm

If you made the decision to get baptized, don't miss this amazing opportunity and seal your confession of following Christ! Please email us right now at zibak@catchthefire.com.


Picnic Area 5 is next to the pool

Picnic Area 5 is next to the pool

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