Wednesday night courses designed to equip you in variety ways to grow deeper in your relationship with God.


Equipping nights are an opportunity for a focused program of learning from the teachers, pastors and leaders within our church. Our vision is to provide a weekly opportunity for everyone to receive training in a specific area.  All courses are free, except for the occasional nominal materials fee. Each Wednesday will start with corporate worship at 7pm in the Main Auditorium before breaking into our various classes.  Most courses run for 6 weeks with start dates in winter, fall and spring, while other courses are ongoing (see below).  This is for you if you're hungry to expand knowledge of the Lord, grow closer to God and develop your gifts and skillset. All ages are welcome. We have participants from age 12 - 80!


In Ephesians 4:11-13, it says. "Now these are the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers. 12 Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do his work and build up the church, the body of Christ. 13 This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ." (NLT)


WHEN & Where

Most equipping classes operate as 6-week courses that start three times a year at spring, autumn and winter.  Some, such as the Young Adults, meet twice a month. Each night starts with a time of worship in the sanctuary. Then we break out into our focus areas.  All our equipping courses will be held at our Airport Location at 272 Attwell Drive.


Spring/Summer 2018 Sessions: 



1. Building Family Connections

with Phil Lees from Peace Education Service

May 16 - June 20

This seminar provides the foundation and framework to equip and empower parents to talk about sex and healthy relationships to their children and youth. It’s also a great opportunity for parents to be effective in connecting with their children & their school boards. There’s a registration fee of $25 for this seminar, hosted in partnership with Peace Education Services. Building Family Connections is a training program that equips parenting adults with medically accurate sexual health info, effective communication skills & strategies to begin the life-long conversation about Sex and Healthy Relationships with their children and youth.

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2. School of Champions 1

with Steve and Sandra Long

May 16 - June 20

School of Champions 1 is lessons in Catch the Fire Values and Growing in God. The first portion of the school is an introduction and explanation of the core values. After this we move on to Growing in God. For this topic we separate the men and women. This is because Growing with God is a course about integrity and deals with relationship, family life, and sexuality. We encourage everyone who attends Catch the Fire to take School of Champions 1.


3. Prophetic Art

with Alex Moore

May 16 - June 20

If you have an interest in art and the gift of prophecy then this course is definitely for you. You’ll discover more of your own creativity and begin to understand how to use your unique gifting for God and the church. You'll Learn how to unleash your creativity and explore things you didn’t think you could do. You’ll grow in your walk with God and your own artistic ability, whatever that may be!  It’s a lot of fun and you get to build relationship with other like minded creatives.  Topics over the course include: Introduction to prophetic art, Art as Worship, Childlike Creativity, Painting as a Prophesy and Artists in Community. 


4. Mental Health Awareness

with Leidy Celina Villanueva

May 16 - June 20

This class will help you gain a biblical psychological and biblical perspective on mental health issues. We will cover topics such as Mental Health First Aid, how to live with a person facing mental health issues, and anxiety, among others. Leidy is a professional with more than 10 years of practice in the mental health field. She applies a centre oriented anti oppressive framework with her clients. She has worked with children, youth, adult, and retired populations in hospitalized or ambulatory environments.  


5. Divorce Care Recovery

with Lillian Brown & Patricia Long

People who are in the process of getting divorced or have been divorced don't immediately realize the damaging impact on their lives, their identity and their future. When they come to DCR, they find a safe place to be able to verbalize their experiences, connect with others in the same situation and find help to recover from the trauma of divorce.  More importantly, they find hope for the future and are able to move in the direction of healing. DRC provides very healthy and positive direction for dealing with emotions, forgiveness, finances, children and every other facet of a broken relationships, while also providing practical steps to a renewed life.

6. Courageous Mens Ministry

With Errol Findlay


Men are called as leaders who walk with Him in our homes and workplaces. We are a safe place where we can share our struggles, defeats and our victories togethers. We are here to help you grow in character, and help you move forward in your life. 


7. Learning To Prophesy - with Marco LaFebre


This Class will teach you how to hear God's voice and to grow in the prophetic, covering topics such as dream interpretation, studying the Old Testament prophets and prophetic vision. You will learn to declare God's truth in your life to break free from bondage. 



Lead Pastor

John Bootsma, alongside his wife Patricia, is the Sr. Associate Pastor of Catch the Fire Toronto.  He oversees the Men's Ministry, equipping nights, connect groups and pastoral care.



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