Equipping Sessions are evening courses to help us grow closer to God and prepare us for destiny.


Equipping Sessions are opportunities to help our church family grow in their faith and lives. They can be comprised of several types of teachings, both biblical and practical to help empower us to walk out our destiny in God. These sessions are free and are taught by our pastors, church leaders and friends of our ministry. Each Friday begins with corporate worship at 7:30pm in the Main Auditorium before breaking off into our separate classes.

Most courses run for 6 weeks with start dates in winter, fall and spring, while other courses are ongoing (see below).  These Equipping sessions are exciting evenings for all of us to learn more about God and His plans to bless us in our relationship with Him.  These are extended times of learning, asking questions and receiving prayer or impartation for your next steps.  Everyone is encouraged to come grow in God! 

WHEN & Where

Most equipping classes operate as 6-week courses that start three times a year at spring, autumn and winter.  Each night starts with a time of worship in the sanctuary. Then we break out into our focus areas.  All our equipping courses will be held at our Airport Location at 272 Attwell Drive.


Fall 2018 Sessions: 7 Mountains

November 16 - December 14, 2018

The Seven Mountains ministry is a revelation of how we can have impact and influence the different spheres of society through our faith.  It gives us practical and biblical strategies for identifying which mountain we are called to serve in and how we can bring change to our surroundings. 

These sessions will he facilitated by people that are called to each of these mountains, people that have walked the journey of identification of their sphere of influence.  They will provide strategies for landing in your mountain of service, their challenges, their victories, steps to success and bless you with impartation in each specific calling.


Participants must select one of the seven topics and stay in the course for the 5 weeks of the fall 2018 session.


1. religion/ministry

If you feel called to serve in ministry, come learn how to reach the lost with the love and Gospel of Jesus Christ and expand the Kingdom in our community, country or the world. Also receive teachings in the area of your gifting and learn how to grow them.

2. Family

This session will be a series of teachings about God's heart for families, guidance for parents, care givers, Children's Ministry workers and provide practical applications for God's plans for raising children.  You'll have the opportunity to ask questions, receive prayers and materials for help.


Several people from the Education system will be sharing their journeys of knowing that they were called to be educators.  They will give information on how to get there and how to manage this vocation within the confines of our different educational systems, while walking out their core beliefs.


As we head into a year of much activity in the realm of government, this session will help you to know if this sphere of service is where God is calling you.  Several current and past federal candidates, as well as others working in Government will share on the process for different aspects of service in this realm.  


The media mountain includes news sources such as radio, TV news stations, newspapers, internet and other marketing tools.  It tends to be one of the most influential methods of quickly reaching millions of people.  Come learn how to utilize media to be influential in spreading the gospel or living out your God-given gifts.


This mountain has had a considerable impact on shaping society, people and thoughts on life.  It is also one of the most challenging areas of talent to penetrate.  We have several people who live daily in this world and will be sharing/teaching on the many avenues they have taken to succeed while living out their faith.

7. Business

The purpose of the Business Equipping Series is to help participants understand God’s call to business together with principles and practical skills to empower them to fulfill this calling. Led by business people with relevant experience, topics covered include discerning God’s call to business, setting direction, preparing for action, leading others and sharing the Gospel.


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