Volunteering at Central!

Our heart at Central is to Walk in God's Love and GIVE IT AWAY to Toronto and the World!

Joining the Volunteer Team at Central is an amazing opportunity to be like Jesus by serving those around you, and to help facilitate God's heart for those at Central every Sunday. Every volunteer position matters! Imagine if people were healed of emotional and physical ailments as they are greeted on a Sunday. If people were set free as they worship and by reading the lyrics on the screen for worship! If people were blessed and encouraged by those at our coffee shop, and touched as an usher gives them their connect cards! 


If you want to see God flow even more through your life, take a moment and look through these fantastic opportunities to be a part of a volunteer team and fill out our volunteer form here so we can find the perfect fit for you! Once you fill out the form, one of our team leaders will contact you shortly!

What are my options? 

Kitchen & hospitality team 

Show people they're loved by helping to prepare the 6th love language: FOOD! 

Team Leader: Carolyn Zijl

Have a passion for food? Help Carolyn Zijl in the kitchen as she prepares the coffee shop's baked goods and lunch items. Support Carolyn with preparation tasks, learn how to keep the quality of our products at the highest level, help clean up, and watch the delight on people's faces as they enjoy something you helped to bring to life! This role takes place on Mondays any time from 12pm-8pm, Tuesdays any time between 9am-5pm and Wednesday's any time in between 9am-5pm, and Friday's any time between 7am-3pm. We ask that the volunteer give at least 2 hours at a time if possible. :) 

Cleaning & Maintenance team 

Help steward the space God has given us that blesses so many people daily! 

Team Leader: Carolyn Zijl

If you love a neat and tidy space and you don't mind rolling up your sleeves and putting a little elbow grease into your work, then this is the right role for you! Keeping our building running takes a lot of work, from cleaning the rooms to replacing light bulbs and everything in between! This role is incredibly flexible and can be done any day of the week in a wide variety of hours. Please e-mail us your availability by clicking on the below form and we will work something out :) 

Greeting & Connection Team

Be the face of Central

Team leader: Carolyn Zijl

As a greeter, you have the opportunity to set the tone for Central's upcoming service. If you love meeting people and making them feel right at home, then this is perfect for you.

Usher Team

Make everyone feel welcome and home

Team leaders: Stephan ZIjl

A hospitality host goes one step further than the greeter and seeks to make connections with our first-time guests, to answer their questions and to make them feel welcomed.

Powerpoint Team

Help lead people into worship and see people encounter our living God

Team Leader: Stephan Zijl

You can help the congregation encounter God by serving on the powerpoint team. As a member of this team you help ensure everything runs smoothly visually during the service.  

Sound Technician Team

Take worship to a new level and gain valuable skills

Team Leader: Sarah Rideout

Your role on the sound technician team is crucial for the rest of the service flowing as Holy Spirit leads. You'll produce the best possible atmosphere for worship through creating the best music mix possible.

Kids Ministry Team

Raise up children to be miracle workers and filled with the Holy Spirit

Team Leader: Grace Humphrey

Help teach the next generation who Jesus is, what He has done for them, and how He is present here and now, active in their lives. By ministering to the children you'll also be ministering to their families.


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