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Small groups are Central’s groups of 12-15 people that meet in convenient locations across the Toronto core in order to experience God, learn more about the bible, grow in their faith, and meet some great new friends. Trust me: they are a lot of fun!




Small Groups meet once a week, and each meeting is just 60 to 90 minutes long. Groups begin the last week of September and finish the second week of December, so your group will meet around twelve times over the semester. It’s a short-term commitment - but the positive impact on your life will be long-term!



When the semester is over we will have some socials for the entire congregation during the month of January. We will then start up new groups again in February. You can re-join your previous leader’s group, or pick a new group based on topic. Either way you will have opportunity to continue to learn and grow in your faith!  

See what Small Groups have done for us and what they can do for you!

What happens when I sign up for a small group?


When you sign up, the leader of your new Small Group will contact you with the address of the Group’s meeting place, the date and time you’ll be starting on, and all the other information you’ll need to have a great experience!


How do I sign up?


Just click on the group below that best suits your interests/time schedule!


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#1 Young Adults

Lauren Kannwischer, Matthew Household, Chanelle Harrett, and Kevin Hirji

Coed Group / Monday 7-8:30pm / Central Church


Get to know and love God, yourself, and others through connection as you build relationship with other Young Adults! Learn what it looks like to live authentically as you go deeper with God. Get ready to press in for the more in this group as you encounter God and give it away to Toronto and to the world!


#2 The Supernatural

Mel Jefferey and Tobi Omotayo

Coed Group / Monday 7-8:30pm / Central Prayer Room

In this group we are going to focus on how we can live supernaturally. We’ll tackle questions like: what is a supernatural lifestyle? What does it look like? How can we live this way in a natural world? Together we’ll understand more about the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gifts and the power of the Cross, so that we can live life supernaturally!


#3 Lectio divina

Steve & Ruth Cox, and Mindy Jiang

Coed Group / Monday 7-9pm / Bloor & Ossington


This group will be studying scripture using a Holy Spirit guided way of reading scripture known as 'Lectio Divina'. This is Latin for Divine Reading. It's an ancient way of Reading Scripture through listening to Holy Spirit as you meditate on Scripture in a small group. A bit like Mark Virkler's method, but practiced in a small group setting. It was originally done by Benedictine Monks!



#4 going deeper with god

Joan Comrie

Women's Group / Wednesday 7-8:30pm / Central Church

Each week, this group will meet together and share what God has said to us. You will discuss the obstacles to journaling, having quiet times and deeper intimacy with God in a pursuit to go deeper in our relationship with Him. 


#5 Finding Your Destiny

Luke Household and Samuel Li

Men's Group / Wednesday 7:30-9pm / Central Coffee

This group is all about pursuing God’s destiny for your life and revealing from the Bible that our personal, vocational and eternal outcomes become radically different when lived out in relation with Jesus Christ rather than done apart from Him. By studying what the Bible has to say on these topics, we want to equip men with scriptural and spiritual tools to better pursue God for his vision over their life.



#6 Freedom from Shame

Eyoum Gomez

Men's Group / Thursday 7-9pm / Central Coffee

In this group we will get together and learn from the Bible on how to get free from demonic strongholds in our life. We will have a time of discussion, sharing, and building our relationship with the one and only Holy Spirit. We will learn how to use God’s resources effectively to destroy the works of darkness.



#7 Leaders on Fire 1

Jordan & Bethany Browne

Coed Group / Sunday 2-3:30pm / Central Prayer Room

Want to learn about what Central is all about? Leaders on Fire 1 is an amazing way to learn more about what God has called Central to do, what your unique callings and giftings are, and how the two can be melded together! You will learn all about hearing God's voice, oneness with Jesus, the Father Heart of God, forgiveness, inner healing, praying for physical healing, evangelism and so much more!


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