Our goal for Camp Day this year is to raise $27,000 to support the Summer Camps for our kids and youth. Summer Camps are an incredible opportunity for our children and youth to meet God in a real way. With your support, we will be able to lower the cost of camp to make it more affordable to all of our families. 


Your gift will help transform and equip the next generation to be confident, spirit-filled, empowered people walking in purpose and fulfilling their destiny. 


Here are some testimonies from our youth who came to camp last year.

Before camp, I had been dealing with a lot of things in my life. I felt angry, alone, and that I didn’t belong. During worship, I felt hollow. I was in a tent full of people but felt so alone. I started talking to God saying, ‘God, you’re my Father! What kind of Father are you? Do you not love me? I am supposed to be your child!’ I was so angry. All of a sudden, I began shaking and crying as God’s love fell on me. For the first time, I felt the love of God.
God did a lot of amazing things in my heart this week. I struggled a lot with finding my identity in my race. I did not accept who I was. I asked God, “Why am I like this? Why am I not like everyone else?” God replied back to me saying that He calls me beautiful, He loves me, and I am His child. He showed me that my home is in heaven, not on earth. My identity is in Him, not in who I am on earth. God showed me my new identity in Him and I can be who He created me to be!
I had been struggling with loneliness and felt like I wasn’t wanted by anyone. During one of the worship sets, the singer started repeating, ‘I have a family. I have a home. I have a Father. I’m not alone.’ In that moment, I felt God’s love for me and all the loneliness went away. God helped me forgive the people in my life who made me feel alone, and now I’m free!
For a long time, I felt like I was not good enough and that I would never fit it. I came to camp wanting to change my perspective. I wanted to see myself how God saw me. During one of the ministry times, God revealed to me that he never missed a thing that was going on in my life, that he was always there for me, and that he would never leave me. After that, I let it all out and cried the most I have all year. In that moment, I finally felt worthy, enough, and free!

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