School of Champions (SoC) is a discipleship program to raise up leaders in the Kingdom of God.

All Catch the Fire Toronto campuses run School of Champions at their locations, usually 3 times per year. You are welcome to attend any school at any campus, whatever best suits you! Each School has 20 one-hour blocks of teaching, small group discussion and ministry time. There are three levels of School of Champions:

Schools occur on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm. They last for 6 weeks long and start every spring, fall and winter. 


School of Champions 1 is lessons in Catch the Fire Values and Growing in God. The first portion of the school is an introduction and explanation of the core values. After this we move on to Growing in God. For this topic we separate the men and women. This is because Growing with God is a course about integrity and deals with relationship, family life, and sexuality. We encourage everyone who attends Catch the Fire to take School of Champions 1.


School of Champions 2 is lessons in Spiritual Disciplines and Cell Dynamics. To attend SoC2 you must have graduated from SoC1, attended an Encounter Weekend and be attending a connect group regularly. "Spiritual Disciplines" is an intensive course teaching on personal prayer life, evangelism and servanthood. "Cell Dynamics" is training in how to lead a connect group and become a leader of leaders. We encourage those who are interested in becoming connect group leaders to attend School of Champions 2.


School of Champions 3 is lessons in "Leading a Cell Group" and "Ministry Skills." To attend SoC3 you must have graduated SoC2 including starting your own Connect Group!  "Leading a Cell" is a group of talks dealing with leadership issues, sermon preparation as well as speaking skills. "Ministry Skills" is a group of lessons on releasing the Holy Spirit, how to encourage people to join connect groups, and how to minister to ungodly beliefs, deliverance, generational sins, and soul/spirit hurts.


School of Champions is taught by Catch the Fire connect group leaders and is part of their leadership development. Connect Group leaders are encouraged to learn to teach these larger groups and lead the ministry times that go with each lesson. This is an opportunity to take the basic teachings and add your testimony – your life application to the training times and watch how God uses you.

Connect leaders who have taught at School of Champions often go on to host revival meetings and seminars, and some speak at the campuses of Catch the Fire. 

For more information please contact Naomi Ierullo.

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