Connect Groups are our mid-week small groups. We pray, we worship, we support each other, we laugh.
This is where family happens.


Why We Do Connect Groups

Our Connect Groups are designed for community, accountability and doing a journey together as a family. They equip, encourage, and empower hundreds of people in their everyday walk with Christ every week. They provide an incredible opportunity to get connected with believers, learn more about the Bible and grow in faith together. 

What is a connect Group?

Connect Groups are smaller groups that meet in convenient locations across the GTA in order to experience God, learn more about the Bible, grow in their faith, and meet new people. There are groups that focus on certain themes and teaching such as mens, womens, twelve step, financial peace, business, outreach and more.  

September 2018 Update: Our connect groups are currently being revamped and improved. Please check back soon for more information on how to join a connect group.



“I learned that in order to love those around us, we need to make sure we are getting filled up with God’s love. That we are allowing him to pour into us every moment of the day! We can only give love, if we have received God’s love. We cannot give if we are empty!” —Donna W.


  John Bootsma

John Bootsma

Lead Pastor

John Bootsma, alongside his wife Patricia, is the Sr. Associate Pastor of Catch the Fire Toronto.  He oversees the Men's Ministry, equipping nights, connect groups and pastoral care. Contact him at for more details about joining a connect group. 

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