John & Carol Arnott
Founding Pastors

Steve & Sandra Long
Senior Leaders

Our Father is amazing!

For over 20 years now we have been discovering more of the Father's love. As we have sought to know Father, He has revealed Himself to be our perfect Father. As we have taken time to rest in His presence, He has refreshed us and poured out more of His powerful Holy Spirit. As His Spirit is released in us and on us, we become carriers of the anointing. As carriers we get to see people transformed just like Jesus did!

You too can experience the fullness of God's love, the power of His Holy Spirit and His healing in your life. At Catch The Fire Toronto we want to help you and equip you to receive everything He has for you. We are a Partners In Harvest church with an ongoing program of schools, conferences, small groups and much more. As you get filled with His love you will see God touch those around you. If you've visited us before in person or via our Catch the Fire | TV, you'll know just what an awesome time we have, so come back for more! If this is your first contact with us, then come visit or watch us online; and let God change your life!

In the Father's love,

John & Carol Arnott        Steve & Sandra Long

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